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Let’s hop into the Wayback Machine…

Back in the 2018 GOP gubernatorial primary, then-Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt supported a referendum to repeal Gov. Brian Sandoval’s controversial “Commerce Tax.”

When asked about the referendum, then-State Treasurer Dan Schwartz, who was running against Laxalt, called it a “waste of time.”  Said he could only support its repeal if the funds from the tax were replaced with funds from another tax source rather than reducing spending.

“There’s a hole in the budget,” Schwartz said, “let’s take money from another source (and) use that to plug the hole.”

In other words, “Don’t tax you.  Don’t tax me.  Tax the guy behind the tree.”

That is decidedly NOT the conservative position, despite the fact that Schwartz is billing himself on his campaign website as a “Constitutional Conservative.”  He should thank his lucky stars there’s no truth-in-labeling laws that apply to political campaigns!

Clear choice in Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District GOP primary this year: Big Dan Rodimer.


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