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Mom jailed for protecting her children

I saw this story a couple weeks ago, but forgot to mention it here…and it certainly deserves note. Back in 2007, after having her home broken into, black woman in Columbus, Ohio, named Kelley Williams-Bolar decided to enroll her two daughters, 9 and 13 at the time, in a better school in a safer neighborhood out in suburbs using the children’s father’s address.

So naturally the government prosecuted her for FELONY records tampering and threw her in jail for nine days.

“I am a mother,” the hard-core, dangerous felon said, “and I want to make sure my kids are safe, and I want to make sure they’re educated.”

How selfish! I mean, what if EVERY concerned parent got to decide for himself or herself to themselves which schools he, she or they wanted to send their kids instead of the government forcing the kids to go to the crappy school the government wants them to attend? Why, it’d be….wonderful.

By the way, does anyone else remember when felonies were for, you know, serious crimes….like murder, rape and armed robbery?


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