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Moderates fight, but only with the right

I spoke with a conservative member of the Nevada State Assembly over the weekend.

Trust me, the situation in Carson City is dire.

The problem…

We have far more conservatives in the Assembly this session than last…

But we also have more moderate “Gumby” Republicans.

And they’re in the leadership positions.

Especially on the two “money” committees…

Ways & Means (spending) and Taxation (funding).

As such, we’re screwed.

The situation described to me by this conservative legislator reminded me of something I read in a 2009 book by former California State Sen. Bill Richardson.

Father of the late, great Nevada NRA lobbyist, Carrie Herbertson.

A blurb in “Confrontational Politics” describes what happens over and over again in legislatures all across country.

Including exactly what’s going on in Carson City this very minute…

“The moderate Republicans are always meekly willing to compromise and give up more ground to the leftist Democrats.  But within the Republican caucus they are extremely aggressive and antagonistic in opposition to the conservatives. 

The reason is simple: Their ethics and political persuasion are barely distinguishable from those of the Democrats.

“The conflict, therefore, is not between Republicans and Democrats; it’s between conservatives and moderates.”

Indeed, I’m hearing that Assembly Majority Leader Paul Anderson (R-Las Vegas) is acting like a bloody tyrant in GOP caucus meetings.



To the conservatives.

But, heaven forefend, never to the Democrats.

Democrats get sugar and spice.

Conservatives get hot tongue and cold shoulders.

Indeed, throughout this entire session deposed former Assembly Minority Leader Pat Hickeyhas been constantly yapping his gums and nipping at the heels of conservatives in the Assembly, not the Democrats.

Never the Democrats.

That’s why I gave him the nickname “The Appeaser” in the first place.

Well, that and the fact that he’s a Vietnam War-era draft dodger.

As the GOP leader in the 2013 session there was no conservative, limited-government principle Hickey wasn’t willing to sell out to the Democrats for.

In return for a few table scraps.

Some magic beans.

A kind word from Jon Ralston.

A pat on the head.

And a wittle tummy wub.

But when it comes to dealing with conservatives, he’s full o’ “fightin’ words.”

Indeed, a few weeks ago he signed off a response to a conservative constituent of obvious German descent who criticized Hickey’s RINO (Republican in Name Only) ways…

“Sieg heil, Herrmann!”

All the charm of a pit bull…

Without the bite…

Unless he’s snapping at a conservative.

As the political folks who never blow an opportunity to blow an opportunity wrap up the single biggest blown opportunity for Nevada Republicans in this century or last, remember…

It’s not enough to just elect more Republicans.

You have to elect better ones, as well.


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