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“Moderate Mike’s” Gumby Transformation

Word has gotten back to me that Sen. “Moderate Mike” Roberson is saying that I’m not telling the truth about his metamorphosis from a “campaign conservative” to “elected moderate.”

I’ll address that more specifically and directly in the coming days – as Nancy Dallas did yesterday – but for now, I’ll simply reprint some news reports (below) which document Sen. Roberson’s major league flip-flopperoni (or is it flip-flopperooni?) last March.

In the meantime, I’m driving up north this morning to make a presentation on our Mt. Reagan Project to the Nevada Board of Geographic Names first thing Tuesday morning. My intent is to watch Notre Dame upset Alabama in the BCS Championship Game at Bully’s on the north end of Carson City tonight – so any of you in the area, stop by, say hello…and buy me a beer!


“Sen. Michael Roberson, R-Las Vegas, was one of six conservative Republicans who voted against the budget and tax extensions in 2011… But last week the legislative freshman fell in step with the governor over continuing the temporary taxes into the next two-year budget cycle.” – Associated Press, 3/13/12

“(Gov. Brian Sandoval’s) decision (to propose another extension of the temporary tax increases) is a reversal from the position on which he campaigned two years ago but is less surprising given his reputation as a moderate Republican open to compromise. More surprising is the sudden reversal of Republicans such as incoming GOP Senate leader Michael Roberson, R-Las Vegas, who voted against extending the tax increase last year and had been a consistent — sometimes strident — opponent of tax increases. Roberson, however, immediately voiced support for Sandoval’s proposal on Tuesday.” – Las Vegas Sun, 3/14/12

“I support Gov. Sandoval and his budget instructions… Gov. Sandoval has outlined a prudent and fiscally responsible preliminary budget framework. I am grateful for his tremendous leadership. I will stand with him and support him.” – Sen. Mike Roberson, Nevada News Bureau, 3/13/12

“State Sen. Michael Roberson said today that he supports Gov. Brian Sandoval’s 2014-2015 preliminary budget instructions. …The budget instructions contemplate an extension of taxes scheduled to sunset during the next biennium… During the 2011 legislative session, Roberson opposed extending taxes set to sunset.” –, 3/13/12

“The most humorous reaction (to Gov. Sandoval’s announcement that he was going to once again extend the temporary tax increases) was from Sen. Michael Roberson, the likely leader of Republican senators in 2011. He zapped from his memory his vehement objection to those same taxes and praised Sandoval for his leadership.” – Columnist Jane Ann Morrison, 3/17/12

“In December, Roberson declared his opposition to again extending the 2009 tax increases, saying ‘it’s the lazy legislator’ who would raise taxes to solve the budget crisis next year. Yet, in March, he became one of the first lawmakers to back Gov. Brian Sandoval’s decision to seek an extension of those taxes as he builds his next budget.” – Las Vegas Sun, 5/3/12


“Chuck, at the end of the O.J. Simpson trial here in Las Vegas, the judge made a statement that has really stuck with me. And as I watch our politicians busy at work both campaigning and ‘legislating,’ the judge’s words keep coming back to me. Addressing O.J. at the end of the trial she said words to the effect of, ‘Mr. Simpson, when this trial started I wasn’t sure if you were arrogant or ignorant. I have come to the conclusion, after sitting through this trial, you are both.’ Gee, how many of our politicians could this apply to?” – Diane Weissman

“I agree with Nancy Dallas about candidates who say one thing and then do another. As long as voters continue to reelect politicians who lie to them, we will continue to lose our property and freedom. We must vote for honest people who will honor their word and who have integrity. During this next legislative session, we must be aware of how the legislators voted. If any legislator has broken his campaign promises, we must vote them out of office. We cannot have representatives voting for us who are not trustworthy.” – Tom Jones, Clark County

“Love the ‘You people’ comment from Sen. Michael Roberson to the Latin Chamber, which I have had the pleasure and honor to sit on the board of in the past. I am a conservative Hispanic and he has done nothing but alienate me. And if he thinks the liberal leaning people at the Latin Chamber will (EVER!) support what he is doing he is taking some really good drugs.” – Anonymity requested


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