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Moderate Mike & the RINOs

Remember how Sen. “Moderate Mike” Roberson (R-PLAN) signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge on April 15 at a tea party rally in 2010, promising the voters of his district and the citizens of Nevada that he would “oppose and vote against any and all efforts to raise taxes”?

And remember how a year ago Moderate Mike slapped the faces of his constituents and betrayed the people of Nevada by breaking his word and backing Gov. Brian Sandoval’s proposal to re-impose that $620 million “temporary” tax hike…less than a year after he voted against it?

And remember how Moderate Mike said at the time he was only backing the re-imposition of those “temporary” tax hikes but wouldn’t support any other efforts to increase any other taxes?

Well, here’s a shocker (not).

Moderate Mike struck again today…by breaking his word again. (So at least in that department he’s consistent.)

Moderate Mike announced a tax hike effort on mining this morning that some estimates put between $630 million to $780 million – all earmarked for the black hole otherwise known as our Failure Factory “public schools.”

That’d be in ADDITION to re-imposing the $620 million Sandoval Tax Hike.

In other words, Moderate Mike is now on record as supporting over $1.4 BILLION worth of tax hikes in Nevada.

That’s twice as big as the Mother of All Tax Hikes in 2003!

Makes you proud to be a Republican, doesn’t it?

If you didn’t believe it before, believe it now: Michael Roberson’s word is his bond…and his word ain’t worth jack-$#%!

But it gets worse. Roberson has support.

And not just from anti-mining/tax-loving liberals. But from several fellow REPUBLICANS.

Joining Roberson in this massive new “Screw Mining” tax hike bill are liberal GOP Sens. Ben Kieckhefer, Joe “The Nanny” Hardy, Mark Hutchison, Scott Hammond and Greg Brower.

None of whom have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

So is anyone really surprised by this?

Not me. I warned you these people who refused to sign the Pledge couldn’t be trusted on the tax issue…no matter what they *said* on the campaign trail or how loudly they proclaimed to be a conservative.

The historical record in this regard speaks for itself.

1.) In the last legislative session not a single Tax Pledge signer voted for the $620 million Sandoval Tax Hike.

2.) On the other hand, every Republican who DID vote for the Sandoval Tax Hike of 2009 had also refused to sign the Tax Pledge.

These are bad Republicans. They’re even worse conservatives. They can’t be trusted. And I don’t mind saying “I told you so.”


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