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Moderate Mike Letter on the Way!

Over 200 Nevada conservatives signed our letter encouraging Nevada State Sen. “Moderate Mike” Roberson (RINO-Henderson) to come clean and make an honest man of himself by leaving the GOP and re-registering as the Democrat he’s shown himself to be this legislative session.

In Congress, the general rule of thumb is that one signature on a letter or petition such as this represents the opinion of about 100 others who didn’t take the time to sign.

If you do the math, you’ll see that Moderate Mike has a real problem on his hands should he remain in the Republican Party and draws a credible primary opponent next year if he seeks re-election or seeks higher office (he’s said to being eying a run for lieutenant governor so he can slide into the governor’s office should Sandoval leave mid-term to run for Harry Reid’s U.S. Senate seat in 2016).

You can see the letter and signers (including one very high-ranking Nevada Republican Party official!) by clicking here

P.S. In case some of you are still unsure if Roberson has truly gone over to the Dark Side and cannot be salvaged, note that not only is he supporting extending the $620 million worth of “temporary” tax hikes from 2009 and proposing a new $600 million tax hike on our mining industry, but he (with support of the other members of the Dirty Half-Dozen Gang) also proposed yesterday yet another new tax hike, this one on the payroll tax on the banking industry!

As I told someone at the Republican Men’s Club luncheon yesterday, Sen. Roberson isn’t a disappointment; he’s a disgrace.


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