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“Moderate Mike” Goes Ballistic!

GOP Sen. “Moderate Mike” Roberson and his Dirty Half-Dozen Gang – including Nevada Republican Sens. Ben “Blue Dog” Kieckhefer, Joe “The Nanny” Hardy, Greg Brower, Scott Hammond and Mark Hutchison – in a press release tonight, slammed Gov. Brian Sandoval for raining on their mining tax-hike parade!

At issue is a letter from the governor’s office released earlier today declaring that Roberson’s & the Dirty Half-Dozen Gang screwed up in planning to put forward a mining tax hike alternative to compete with the teachers union’s gross receipts tax without first voting against the teachers union tax.

“Any attempt by the executive branch to usurp legislative authority in areas specifically reserved to the legislature – including the various means by which legislation may be approved or rejected – is inappropriate and constitutionally suspect,” Roberson and the Dirty Half-Dozen wrote while, presumably, stomping their collective feet and holding their collective breaths ‘til their faces turned collectively blue.

Folks, this is the beginning of what I’ve long predicted…

Roberson is a powder keg ready to explode. The hotter it gets in the kitchen the more likely it is that this guy – a man who lied through his teeth to get elected – is going to have a major league meltdown that’ll make Steven Brooks look like Cinderella by comparison.

He thinks he’s WAY smarter than he is…and he sure as hell can’t take criticism!

Moderate Mike is the Russell Crowe of the Nevada Legislature. He wants to fight with everybody he comes in contact with. First the conservatives who got him elected. Then the mining industry. Then the Southern Nevada Water Authority. And now his very own puppet-master, Gov. Sandoval.

Roberson is heading for a major head-on collision with reality…and the five passengers in his legislative Yugo apparently are so blinded by his stupidity that they can’t see it’s time to jump out of the car!

Serves ‘em right.


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