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Mitt Called Me!

I came home today and could just kick myself for going to work. If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have missed Mitt Romney’s call! Here’s the message he left on my voice-mail after he realized I wasn’t home:

“Hello, this is Mitt Romney calling. I just wanted to give you a call to see if we could speak directly so I can ask for your support and maybe answer any questions you might have. Sorry it doesn’t appear that we can make that happen right now, but perhaps we’ll run into each other at some point in the campaign.”

The GOP presidential candidate also left a phone number for me to call…and since he said he wanted to speak to me “directly,” I called him back immediately. Who wouldn’t, right?

Alas, all I got was a recorded message from something called “Team Nevada” telling me about absentee ballots and early voting locations and crud. Who cares about that? I’M RETURNING MITT’S CALL! He said he wanted to speak with me DIRECTLY! Why isn’t a live human answering the phone who can put me through to him immediately? Immediately, I say!

Was that sufficiently sarcastic?

I’m sorry, but this message…mixed in with 5,238 other voicemails from the Republican National Committee…really ticked me off. Primarily for its deceptive nature, but also because it assumes the person listening to the message is a complete idiot.

Come on. Mitt didn’t call (you know that, right?). He recorded a message that was left on everyone’s answering machine. If an answering machine didn’t answer, the call was automatically disconnected. So why lie and pretend that if I’d answered the phone Mitt Romney would have actually been on the other end to personally ask for my vote?

I wonder which highly-paid political consultant came up with this dumb-ass idea to insult the intelligence of Nevada voters?


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