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Miss “I’m Not Happy” Explodes on Sisolak, Nevada Dems in Profane Rant

(Chuck Muth) – Longtime political activists in Nevada will remember the threatening “I’m not happy” voicemail Rep. Dina Titus (D-NV) left for one of her UNLV students during her failed 2006 run for governor.

In case you missed it, here’s how the Las Vegas Sun reported on the incident two years later…

“On the night before the Democratic primary in the 2006 governor’s race, state Sen. Dina Titus left a message for one of her students, who was hanging out at the headquarters of her opponent.  Titus upbraided the young woman for disloyalty.  ‘I am not happy,’ Titus said in the message, and it became a statewide punch line. … For many Nevadans, it showed Titus to be petty and vindictive, and she lost.”

Well, Miss “I’m Not Happy” ain’t happy again.

In fact, she’s royally PO’ed with Democrat Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak and the Democrats who control the Nevada Legislature over how they redrew the congressional district lines last month.

According to a report today in the Nevada Current, Titus discussed the redistricting with union members at an AFL-CIO town hall meeting this week and went off on a profane rant that included this gem…

“I’m going to need your help on something terrible.  I totally got fucked by the Legislature on my district.  I’m sorry to say it like that, but I don’t know any other way to say it.”

Such a charmer.

But she’s right.  Sisolak and the Dems totally screwed her.  She had an absolutely safe seat that is now competitive.  Prior to the new lines this was a Biden +25 district.  Now it’s a Biden +8.

In addition to the redistricting lines she’s not happy with, Rep. “Tax Us” also was apparently snubbed by the Biden administration for the position of ambassador to Greece, though she denies she ever actually wanted it (cue laugh track).

And earlier this year the socialist wing of the Nevada Democrat Party fielded a credible challenger to her in next year’s Dem primary.  So Titus is now at risk of losing her seat to both a Democrat OR a Republican.

Knowing what a bitterly acerbic personality Titus has, it’s not exactly a surprise that her simmering caldron finally boiled over.  No wonder she’s out there dropping sour-grape F-bombs all over the state.

Couldn’t happen to a nastier person.

Buh-Bye Smith’s

I already stopped shopping at my local Smith’s grocery store a few weeks ago over a new anti-shoplifting policy that assumes and treats EVERY customer walking through its doors as a likely shoplifter.  But others might now want to boycott of the chain over this report in today’s Las Vegas Review-Journal…

“Kroger, which owns Smith’s Food & Drug stores in the Las Vegas Valley, is ending some benefits for unvaccinated workers as big employers attempt to compel more of their workforce to become vaccinated…”

I’m not against the vax.  I’m against the FORCED vax.  By either the government or a private employer.  If Smith’s is going to force their employees to make a choice between the jab or their job, freedom-lovers should choose to shop elsewhere.  Enough is enough.

Don’t Comply…Defy

Bravo to Washoe County Commission Chairman Bob Lucey who declared at a commission meeting this week that he will no longer comply with Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak’s “obedience mask” mandate.

“His mask mandate is his mask mandate. I choose not to follow that. And I just won’t because I don’t feel that it’s truly addressing the needs of me or my family.”

Good for him.  But His Majesty was not amused, responding…

“I follow the science. I don’t know what Bob’s following. But you know, I think it’s irresponsible. I appreciate those that are complying with the rules. The rules were made for everybody to follow.”

Is that the same “science” that says the CHINA-19 virus can get ya at a restaurant hostess stand but not if you’re sitting at a restaurant table?

And why, oh why, does this guy STILL get to make the “rules” all by himself without approval from the Nevada Legislature?  No wonder so many Nevadans are ignoring his “orders” and telling him to blow it out his tailpipe.

The Resistance is growing.  Join us.

Laxalt Laxative

It seemed weird that Breitbart News would publish a hit piece this week on U.S. Senate candidate Sam Brown, who’s running against Adam Laxalt in the GOP primary next year, over such trivial matters as Sam moving to Nevada from Texas and running for office a second time.

But then reporter Brendan Riley published a story today that reveals details of Laxalt’s financial disclosure statement.  And get this: Turns out Laxalt has been paid over $5,000 for legal work on behalf of…Breitbart News!

Funny how Breitbart didn’t disclose this relationship when taking a baseball bat to Sam’s knees. Very “swampy.”

Riley’s story also notes that Laxalt has cashed in on his DC connections, raking in over $2 million via a powerhouse law firm and other connections in “The Swamp” since losing his gubernatorial race against Steve Sisolak in 2018.

Not hard to guess where his loyalties would lie should he be elected to the U.S. Senate.  Something tells me he’d side with his financial benefactors over his constituents whenever push comes to shove.  But maybe that’s just the cynical side of me.


* Looks like Facebook is up to their old election “rigging” tricks again.  Republican gubernatorial candidate Joe Lombardo posted a Facebook ad asking people “Do You Approve of Steve Sisolak’s Performance as Governor?” with “Yes” or “No” buttons to click on.  But Facebook took the ad down “because it goes against Facebook Advertising Guidelines.”  Talk about election interference.

The Smell of Fear

“I won’t sugar coat it: we’re facing an uphill battle to combat millions in attacks from national Republicans. This race was just rated as a toss-up, and my 6 GOP opponents are eagerly searching for cracks in this campaign.” – Democrat Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak, 12/16/21


“Swamp RINO’s are more than happy to take out real Republicans with dirty tricks. Sad to see (Ric) Grenell playing that role, and even sadder that President Trump hasn’t pulled his endorsement of Laxalt and thrown it behind Sam (Brown).  Laxalt is unlikeable enough that many conservative Republicans may refuse to vote for him in the general if he wins the primary.  Let’s hope Team Laxalt’s dirty tricks don’t work and Sam gets the nod in the primary.” – John N.

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