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Misplaying the Gender Card

One of the biggest myths perpetrated by the Left these days is that conservatives attack and criticize President Barack Obama because he’s black.  No we don’t.  We go after him because he’s a liberal.  But that doesn’t stop the Left from playing the race card because, well, that’s all they have.

The same holds true when it comes to playing the gender card.  And on Saturday, Democrat Assemblywoman Ellen Spiegel got herself tripped up when she tried to play the gender card in a tweet from a campaign training seminar being conducted by the pro-abortion Emily’s List gals in Las Vegas:

“We need more women in office.” 

Not more Democrat women or liberal women.  Just women.

Which I take as an endorsement of Republican Sue Lowden over Republican Mark Hutchison in the lieutenant governor’s race, right?

That means she’s also endorsing Republican Jill Dickman over Democrat Assemblyman Skip Daly and Republican Vicky Dooling over Democrat Paul Aizley, right?  And Republican Becky Harris over Democrat Sen. Justin Jones?

Every one of those Republican women who are running against men can and should tout Ellen Spiegel as endorsing their campaigns because…that’s exactly what Ellen Spiegel did by misplaying the gender card.


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