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Mini-Muth’s Truths: September 4, 2010

The latest Rasmussen Poll, released Fridday, shows Republican U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle tied with Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid at 45-45 percent. This is the fifth straight poll showing Angle within the margin of error….which assures her fundraising spigot will remain open.

The longer it goes without Reid pulling away, the better Angle’s chances in November. And the deluge of anti-Angle negative ads during the dog days of summer may have diluted the Reid campaign’s ability to shock people into fearing Angle later this fall. People will reach a point of info-overload and start tuning out.

I’ve been a skeptic of Angle’s chances since she won the nomination back on June 8. I’m starting to become a believer.

The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that “U.S. employers cut 54,000 jobs in August” and that the “unemployment rate….edged up to 9.6% from 9.5% as more job seekers entered the labor force.”

Yep, that Obama-Reid-Pelosi “stimulus” thingy is working like a charm, ain’t it? Seems the only thing their billions and trillions of debt have stimulated is more people out of work. Remember in November.

Pinal County (Ariz.)Sheriff Paul Babeu said requests by Arizona law enforcement personnel and elected official for 3,000 National Guard troops to be deployed along the border have been answered with just 1 percent of that number: “We have a whopping 30 [National Guard troops] this week that are showing up,” Babeu told

I’m betting Obama’s Justice Department has more than 30 lawyers just working on that lawsuit it filed against Arizona.

CNS News also reports that Christina Romer, the departing chair of the White House Council of Economic Advisors, said the “only surefire ways” to boost the economy are for “the government to spend more and tax less.”

What an idiot. And some wonder why this country is in the shape it’s in today under what passes for Democratic leadership?

In an interview with Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal, Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform counsels Republicans to focus on spending, spending, and spending….and not get distracted by “shiny things” – side issues such as Arizona’s immigration law, the Ground Zero mosque and rehabilitating George W. Bush’s reputation.

Sounds like good advice. It’s the spending, stupid.

If, as opponents are now saying, birthright citizenship is a teensy-tiny, miniscule occurrence, then why not just end it since so few people would be affected?

Then again, the AP is reporting today that 340,000 babies were born to illegal aliens in the year 2008 alone. That doesn’t sound like a teensy-tiny miniscule occurrence to me.

Rep. Mike Castle (RINO-Delaware) is the most liberal Republican in the United States House of Representatives who is now running to permanently fill Vice President Joe Biden’s old U.S. Senate seat. And when he got into the race, conventional wisdom held he would easily defeat the Democrat candidate – thus adding another member to the northeast GOP Turncoat Caucus featuring the likes of Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins and, alas, all too often, Scott Brown.

Not so fast.

Castle still has to win his primary coming up in less than two weeks….and his opponent, conservative activist Christine O’Donnell, has just gotten the Good Housekeeping seal of approval from the Tea Party Express (along with a commitment of some $250,000 in support!). Combined with the fact that there are only expected to be about 25,000 primary voters and hot off the heels of a major tea party-backed win over another establishment candidate in Alaska last week….don’t be surprised to see yet another stunning upset.

By the way, one knock against nominating conservative candidates in GOP primaries over the years has been that they can’t win in the general election against the Democrat. And that argument has held sway over many a practical Republican primary voter. But don’t bet on that argument holding sway over many tea party voters. They don’t care. In their minds, a bad Republican is just as bad as a bad Democrat.

They have a point.


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