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Mini-Muth’s Truths: September 3, 2010

The Asian Journal reports that Nevada Republican Sen. John “Pants on the Ground” Ensign told the audience at a forum in Korea Town in Las Vegas last week that “A cut in taxes and a decrease in government regulation will result in a quick recovery in the nation financial system and the economy of Nevada.” He added that “Cutting taxes, decreasing regulation, and decreasing litigation will see the economy recover on its own.”

How, oh how, could Nevada ever afford to lose having such a deep-thinker represent us in Washington? I’m fairly certain that no other Republican in the Silver State, especially one not born with a silver spoon in their mouth, could possibly state the obvious and articulate the fiscal conservative message as well as Sen. Ensign.

(Yes, kids, that was Grade-A sarcasm)

The Hill reports today that “a recent Obama administration rule would expand medical benefits for Vietnam veterans and cost $42 billion over the next decade. The rule calls for disability awards for veterans exposed to Agent Orange and suffering from heart disease.”

OK, fine. Now enter former Sen. Alan Simpson, a member of the White House’s “Fiscal Commission,” who suggested yesterday that America’s veterans were adding to the country’s debt problem. “The irony [is] that the veterans who saved this country are now, in a way, not helping us to save the country in this fiscal mess.”

Them’s fightin’ words….and a left-leaning veterans organization,, has called for President Obama to fire Simpson. And we heartily agree. Simpson is a Republican, but he’s a liberal Republican who thinks we need to raise taxes in order to pay down the debt.

In the immortal words of the Queen of Hearts: “Off with his head!”

“The Murkowski dynasty came to an end in Alaska (Tuesday) night as Senator Lisa Murkowski conceded she had lost her GOP primary” to Joe Miller, reports John Fund of Political Diary. But it’s what possibly drove the final nail into the coffin that constitutional conservatives should be absolutely thrilled about.

“In their only debate last week,” Mr. Fund writes. “Mr. Miller pounded home his view that Senator Murkowski had voted for bills that lacked any Constitutional justification. She lamely responded that it would be a far different country if she only voted for things explicitly authorized by the Constitution.”

Hoo-hah!!! If the notion that Congress should only pass legislation that is constitutionally permissible has taken hold in a state that is bathed in federal pork, imagine what that could portend for the rest of the nation. Why, a true Second American Revolution might truly be under way without a single shot being fired.

We can only hope.

Popping skank-ho Paris Hilton’s boyfriend for driving under the influence in Las Vegas – whether it was booze or pot – is one thing; but to bust the 29-year-old has-been heiress simply for possession of a small amount of blow, whether it was hers or not, is the latest example of the absurdity of our ongoing war on drugs. How much is this court trial/circus going to cost the taxpayers of Nevada?


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