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Mini-Muth’s Truths: May 9, 2010

• Harry Reid says a lot of stupid, outrageous things, so his comments on a Univision program this morning won’t surprise….though they will, rightfully, get Republicans’ blood boiling once again.

• “I believe, as has been indicated in all the polling, that even people who are Hispanics, who identify as being Republicans, are walking away from the Republicans,” Reid said to Jorge Ramos, host of the Al Punto program. “This is an anti-immigrant party and (it) is very clear.”

• What a lying sack of….well, you know.

• The Republican Party is NOT an anti-immigrant party. It is an anti-ILLEGAL immigrant party. And Reid knows it. Yet he continues to spew this crappola in a shameless effort to incite anti-GOP sentiment in the Hispanic community solely for the purpose of improving his odds to win re-election in November. Sen. Reid is darned lucky The Almighty doesn’t strike people down with lightning bolts for telling such whoppers.

• As if there isn’t enough about that outrageous $500 million dollar punitive damage award against the drugmakers who had nothing to do with nurses using dirty needles to administer their drug to patients who ended up getting Hepatitis C, get this…

• According to a LVRJ story yesterday, part of the reason jurors nailed one of the drugmakers, and nailed them so big, was the fact that the representative of one of the companies involved….stammered too much.

• I sh*t you not.

• “Mr. (Craig) Lee (the drugmaker executive), did not impress us,” jury forewoman Celeste Williams said. “What he said, what he didn’t say, all that stammering. . . . The defendants need to get more aggressive if they want to win some of these cases.”

• A half-billion dollars because a company executive stammered too much! Un-freaking-believable.

• Even more unbelievable, however, was the claim by the victims’ ambulance-chasing lawyer, Henry Chanin, that his lawsuit “was never about the money.” Mr. Chanin is darned lucky The Almighty doesn’t strike people down with lightning bolts for telling such whoppers.

• Back in the 2008 GOP primary, state Senate Minority Leader Bill Raggio, who has never signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, “guaranteed” voters that he wouldn’t support higher taxes in the 2009 legislative session. He then went on to win another term and shepherd through a billion dollars worth of tax hikes in the middle of The Great Recession.

• Fast-forward to today. That same Sen. Raggio is applauding Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Sandoval for not signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. “I’ve heard him say he doesn’t intend to raise taxes,” Sen. Raggio told the Sun’s David McGrath Schwartz. “I think everyone is saying that. Democrats are saying that. Republicans are saying that. I’m saying that.”

• Yes, they’re all *saying* that. They all said it last election cycle, too. But by and large, the only ones who actually meant it and kept their word were the ones who signed the Pledge. That’s a fact, Jack. And I’ll bet you a dollar to a donut that despite the fact that Sandoval has *said* there was no “situation in which (he) would consider raising taxes,” he’ll find a loophole somewhere, somehow and support raising taxes as governor.

• Hope I’m wrong. Doubt I am. We’ve seen this movie before.

• Liz Benston wrote in the Las Vegas Sun yesterday about a rather deceptive practice practiced by a number of resorts in Vegas and around the country whereby a mandatory “resort” fee is tacked on to the advertised room rate separately and after the fact. The fee, according to the resorts, is for services many guests simply would choose to do without – such as newspaper delivery, Internet access and daily newspaper delivery – if given the choice

• But you don’t get a choice. And the fees ain’t cheap. They range from around $5 a day up to as much as $20 a day….and guests often don’t realize they’re being charged the fees until hit with them at checkout. The resorts claim the fees are fully disclosed, but they’re often buried in the fine print, especially when booking rooms online.

• If the fee isn’t optional, then it’s part of the room the rate and ought to be included in the room rate….period. This is a deceptive practice designed solely to fool people into thinking they’re paying less for a room than they really are. Resorts ought to voluntarily cease this practice before they attract some busy-body government intervention.

• And finally, Steve Sanson, a Republican candidate running for Clark County Public Administrator, is proposing a law that would require the Public Administrator’s office to check the legal status of the deceased and change the eligibility guidelines for county-funded burial, cremation and funeral expenses. The average county-funded burial costs about $1200.

• The law would also allow the County to seize all assets belonging to deceased illegal immigrants and liquidate the assets in auction. According to the most recent U.S. Census, Sanson’s campaign says, there are 1,855,746 people living in Clark County and about 200,000 of them are illegal immigrants. Sanson says these numbers alone show the drain illegal immigration is putting on the County.

• Pretty interesting twist on the illegal immigration issue.


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