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Mini-Muth’s Truths: May 14, 2010

“A study group appointed by majority Democrats in the Nevada Legislature is proposing sweeping changes to raise taxes and reshape state government to improve the quality of life in the state over the next 20 years,” reported the AP yesterday. “Republican Gov. Jim Gibbons quickly dismissed the proposals to change Nevada’s tax structure and diversify an economy now largely based on tourism and mining. ‘You surprised?’ Gibbons scoffed.”

Not us.

The AP report added: “Panelist Douglas Busselman, executive vice president of the Nevada Farm Bureau, denounced the draft report as “an extremely disjointed set of politically correct concepts” aimed at creating ‘a government-centric outcome.’ Busselman said the draft report has the Vision Stakeholders’ name on it but really is the perspective of the Moody’s consultant.”

Was that a colossal waste of a much-needed quarter-million dollars or what?

Word to wise for GOP legislative candidates: If you’re going to campaign as a fiscal conservative who doesn’t support raising taxes, you have an obligation to explain credibly how you would balance the budget next year when we’re expected to have yet another hole of a couple billion dollars.

You should immediately get a copy of the SAGE Commission’s final recommendations, as well as study last year’s alternative “Freedom Budget” constructed by the fiscal conservatives over at the Nevada Policy Research Institute.

Our budget absolutely, positively can be balanced while retaining TRUE essential government services and without tax hikes….but if you don’t have a familiarity with how to do so, you’re gonna get tripped up by the left each and every time. Folks, do your homework!

Recognizing that he’s an anti-magnet, grassroots activists at the Clark County Republican Party have reportedly abandoned any notion of electing CCRP Chairman SpongeBob Ruckman as the new Nevada GOP boss. Instead, there is a reportedly a stealth campaign being mounted to put up and elect CCRP Vice-Chairman Frank Ricotta.

Suffice it to say state and national party leaders are not amused. Saturday’s meeting in Reno could be a lot more interesting than originally expected.

Gov. Jim Gibbons & GOP gubernatorial candidate Brian Sandoval are refusing to debate fellow Republican gubernatorial candidate Mike Montandon on Jon Ralston’s “Face to Face” statewide television program.

None of these candidates for the state’s chief executive office are so well known and so above scrutiny that they should be allowed to duck public discussions about their qualifications, experience and philosophical beliefs about the proper role of government and its management. As Mr. Ralston said last night, “What Sandoval and Gibbons are doing is thumbing their noses at a public starved for information about the race for the state’s most important office.”

Folks, if Gibbons and Sandoval continue to duck debates that Montandon shows up for, maybe you start considering a vote for the candidate who’s not afraid to back up his campaign ads with face-to-face face-offs with his opponents.

And finally, rumor has it that James Campos – who last summer bragged that he was “running” the gubernatorial campaign of Brian Sandoval – recently told a meeting of nine Hispanic leaders that while Sandoval has taken a hard line against illegal immigration and driver’s licenses for illegals for political reasons in the GOP primary, he will reverse himself once he secures the nomination.

I don’t know if this is true or not, though I believe my source to be reliable. Nor do I know if Sandoval is aware of what Campos is reportedly saying on his behalf. Either way, if somebody comes forward publicly and confirms this, Brian Sandoval is gonna have a whole new problem on his hands. He better find some duct tape for Mr. Campos’ mouth.


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