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Mini-Muth’s Truths: March 7, 2011

Everybody and their uncle put out a statement regarding Sen. John Ensign’s decision not to seek re-election today. Here’s mine: “Better late than never; however, had he resigned long ago as he should have, Republicans would have appointed a replacement who would now be running as an incumbent for re-election in 2012 instead of competing for an open seat. Thanks for nothing, John. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”

BTW, who will be the first to announce their candidacy for Rep. Dean Heller’s seat after he announces he’s running for Ensign’s seat: Angle, Amodei, Lippold or Krolicki? And will they wait until after Heller officially announces, or will they declare pre-emptively that “IF Rep. Heller runs for the Senate, I’m in”?

A press statement drafted by Republican Senate caucus director Jodi Stephens today misspelled the minority leader’s last name. Sen. “McGuinness” must be so proud.

I missed this quote by Gov. Brian Sandoval when it originally came out in the Las Vegas Sun on February 27, 2011: “I am not going to support any tax increases under any circumstances.” Now if only we could get fellow Republicans in the Assembly, (mis)led by Minority Leader Tax My Meat Pete, to issue a similar statement and the debate for the remainder of this session will change dramatically.

I also missed this one from a Sun editorial on the same day: “There are still many Nevada…individuals who take advantage of state services but fail to pay their fair share of taxes.” Really? Would the Sun please advise as to which Nevada citizens are exempt from paying sales tax on their purchases…and how I can become one of them.

Hey Carson Cityites, the Nevada Society of Association Executives has invited me to speak at their luncheon on Wednesday at B’sghetti’s at 11:30 a.m. and said it was OK to invite any of you who might be in the neighborhood to join us, even if you’re not a NSAE member. $30 each. For reservations, please contact Maury Astley at 702-271-0233.


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