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Mini-Muth’s Truths: June 25, 2010

• Yesterday, Rep. Dina Titus (D-Big Labor) voted in favor of H.R. 5175, the DISCLOSE Act, which, as GOP opponent Joe Heck points out limits “only the political speech of corporations, with no effect on unions, including foreign-influenced labor unions, public-employee unions, or government grant recipients.” Remember in November.

• Here’s an “extreme” thought: Wouldn’t it make more sense to pay people to create jobs for the unemployed than to reward the unemployed by paying them to remain unemployed? And don’t even think of trying to tell me there aren’t a large number of people out there who could and would find a job the minute their unemployment benefits ran out.

• And by the way, isn’t it high time we eliminated the minimum wage and allowed willing workers to work for willing employers at a rate of pay the willing worker and willing employer willingly agree upon?

• Everywhere I see a Mark Menendo sign for his Senate race, I see a Richard Carrillo sign for his Assembly race. They are always right next to each other or on top of each other. The signs, I mean, not the candidates. Anyway, wouldn’t it save a lot of money and make more sense to just create ONE sign with both names on it….thereby allow the pair to get twice as many signs for the same price?

• And wouldn’t that make a lot of sense for GOP state Senate candidates and the GOP assembly candidates running in districts within the border of the state Senate district, as well? If fact, why not run as a ticket and split the cost among a variety of candidate?

Sharron Angle for U.S. Senate
Brian Sandoval for Governor
Joe Heck for Congress
Barbara Cegavske for State Senate
Tim Williams for State Assembly

• That’d be a lot of yard signs with a lot of name ID for a very small amount of money split five ways. And it’d be a heck of a way for the upper ticket campaigns to help the lesser-known and lesser-funded down ballot candidates.

• During a recent dead-of-the-night arrest attempt at his home and with his fiancée on her knees with a policeman’s gun to her head, Las Vegas police shot an unarmed suspect in the face and killed him. His alleged offense: selling marijuana.

• Now, my point here isn’t to question the cops’ action in the shooting. An inquest will be held to evaluate that. But for crying out loud, why the hell are we still hunting down, arresting, incarcerating and, yes, sometimes shooting dead people for pot?!! Isn’t it time to end this reefer madness?

• Forget the attacks on her positions on Social Security and the Department of Education. Here’s where the real attacks on Sharron Angle’s past are destined to take place, front and center, in the weeks to come.

• Interesting debate coming up next week. No, not Harry vs. Sharron or Brian vs. Rory REID. Democrats vs. Republicans. Issue: Should The United States Adopt an “Arizona Style” Immigration Policy? June 28 at 6:45 pm. Rooms 203 and 204 at Cashman Field in Las Vegas. More info: Cara Moore at (702) 467-8683

• Janine Hansen, an independent candidate for Assembly District 33 in the Elko area, is hosting a meet-and-greet BBQ at Mountain View Park Elko on Saturday, June 26 from 4-7 pm. Joel Hansen, a conservative independent candidate for Attorney General will also be there. More info: Janine Hansen at (775) 397-6859


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