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Mini-Muth’s Truths: June 23, 2010

• I’m back. Took a post-primary week off with the kids. Did I miss anything?

• Nevada Sen. John Ensign said on Tuesday that he opposes a ban on deepwater drilling – but it was unclear if he was talking about oil exploration or hanky-panky with staffers.

• Um, sorry about that one. Couldn’t resist.

• Sharon DeCarlo of Gardnerville writes: “I am concerned that all I have seen on the tube is Harry’s ads and nothing from Sharron.” Well, Sharron, you and anyone else sharing those concerns should contact the Tea Party Express and Club for Growth. This is their campaign now.

Tea Party Express:
Club for Growth:

• Meanwhile, does the Clark County Republican Party do anything other than hold poker parties at Santa Fe Station? I’m just asking.

• Which reminds me, if Clark GOP Chairman SpongeBob Ruckman wants to move next month’s state convention from a Stations Casino property – Green Valley Ranch – because its owners, the Fertittas, are part of the “Republicans for Reid” group, why does he continue to hold the party’s poker events at a Stations property?

• Isn’t that…what’s the word I’m looking for here…oh, yeah…hypocritical?

• Heads up GOP leaders: Due to primary results in which the GOP nominee leaves quite a bit to be desired, there are at least two legislative races in which I’m likely going to support a third party candidate – Assembly District 22 in Clark County (GOP incumbent: Lynn Stewart) and Assembly District 33 in rural/Elko area (open seat). And possibly others….including two statewide races.

• I’m a conservative; not a Republican. And as a good conservative, I can’t support a bad Republican.

• And finally, the special VIP Guest of Honor at next week’s (July 2nd) First Friday Happy Hour at Stoney’s will be Republican congressional nominee Dr. Joe Heck. Be there or be talked about!


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