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Mini-Muth’s Truths: July 29, 2010

Adding salt to an open wound, Gov. Jim Gibbons announced today the appointment of Donna Ruthe – the chief antagonist against Guinn’s son, Jeff, in a nasty lawsuit – to the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners on the exact same day former Gov. Kenny Guinn was being buried in his hometown of Exeter, CA. Real class, Governor.

On the other hand, Gibbons also announced the appointment of his exceptionally competent chief-of-staff, Robin Reedy, to the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) to fill the vacancy created by Ruthe’s appointment to the med board.

“With many voters holding unfavorable opinions of both Senator Harry Reid and his challenger, Sharron Angle, more voters than ever may be checking the box for ‘none of these candidates’ in November,” writes legal beagle Josh Hicks on his Of Note Nevada blog. “There is no legal consequence if ‘none of these candidates’ gets the most votes. Instead, only votes for named candidates are counted for purposes of determining a victor.”

So now y’all know the answer to that oft-asked question. Thanks, Josh.

Congressman Charlie Rangel reportedly cut a deal with the House Ethics Committee this morning which will stop any public hearings on the matter. In the meantime, the Heck for Congress campaign is using the scandal to call on opponent Rep. Dina Titus to return the money she received from Rangel in her 2008 race.

Hey, can we stop this crap?

When a Republican gets in hot water, the D’s demand everyone return the R’s donations. And when the D’s get in trouble, the R’s demand the return of the D’s donations. It’s just getting old, especially when it really has nothing to do with the various campaigns. I mean, are all the GOP candidates going to have to return the contributions they received from the National Republican Senatorial Committee in 2008 after John Ensign’s indicted?

Oh, I mean *if* he’s indicted (wink-wink).

Some elected officials are truly thicker than “War and Peace.” Take Democrat Assemblyman Kelvin Atkinson (please!).

According to an LVRJ story today, Atkinson is bringing back a bill to form an unelected advisory committee of tax-hikers to come up with some new snake oil to sell to voters which will “raise more money to pay for road construction and maintenance, something Atkinson said is underfunded.”

Would somebody please tell this guy that we’re still in the middle of The Great Obama-Reid Recession and we’re not coming out of it anytime soon. The days of tax-and-spend-and-spend-some-more are o-ver.

In what has been dubbed a “panty raid,” Henderson police conducted a pre-dawn raid on a home last March in which a number of legally licensed exotic dancers were living. The search warrant was ostensibly for marijuana, Jeff German of the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported last week, but quickly degenerated into a voyeuristic photo shoot by police of scantily clad babes out in the street.

An attorney representing the honeys says the cops used the marijuana excuse to conduct the raid in hopes of finding an illegal house of ill repute. But as it turns out, “Not a single woman in the residence had any prior arrests or interactions with law enforcement” and every one of them had “legitimate Clark County Sheriff’s work cards.”

Are there no other real crimes for cops to investigate? Do they really have so much time on their hands that they can focus on pot smoking and consensual sex between adults? Isn’t there supposed to be a budget crisis? I mean, where’s the money for this waste of time and money coming from? Maybe we need to tighten the police budget a little more after all.

In an email to brain-dead supporters today, states categorically that “There is no Social Security crisis” and “Social Security doesn’t need to be fixed.” Talk about stuck on stupid.

Thank you, Obama!

Suing the state of Arizona over an anti-ILLEGAL alien law that does nothing more than make a state crime out of that which is already a federal crime – since the feds have opted not to enforce the federal law – he has now helped grow the anti-illegal immigration movement by adding folks who otherwise support open borders but who also support states rights. Many people who otherwise don’t agree with the Arizona law will defend Arizona’s right to pass laws to protect its citizens whether the federal government likes it or not.

And having a federal judge who – was unanimously approved by the Washington elite in the Senate – put the brakes on the Arizona law just three days before it was scheduled to take effect will assure that this issue – which by no means benefits Obama and his Democrats – will be high on the minds of voters when they go to the polls in November.

Next? How about calling for the national legalization of gay marriage and mandatory taxpayer funding of abortions. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Meanwhile, an Associated Press story on the judge’s bone-headed ruling featured quotes from two people who supported the judge’s decision – both of whom are – ready for it? – illegal aliens. Go figure. I mean, what are the odds?

“I felt good inside,” said Carlos Gutierrez, a 32-year-old illegal alien upon learning of the judge’s ruling while standing outside a Home Depot in west Phoenix. “Now there’s a way to stay here with less problems.”

Yeah, we sure wouldn’t want to be causing any problems for an illegal alien trying to take jobs away from Americans while unemployment remains sky-high while costing taxpayers a king’s ransom in educating, jailing and providing health care for people like Senor Gutierrez who broke into the country and don’t belong here. I mean, what was the state of Arizona THINKING???

And finally, as the immigration issue continues to burn white hot, we constantly hear from some quarters that we are a nation of immigrants and how our country had an open immigration policy – generally supported by philosophical libertarians – for our first 100 years.

“Open immigration is dangerous today, however,” wrote self-professed libertarian columnist John Stossell last week, “because some immigrants want to murder us. And now that America is a welfare state, some want to come here just to freeload.”

In other words, the best “comprehensive immigration reform” we could possibly pursue is get rid of all the government welfare programs. I’m down with that.


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