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Mini-Muth’s Truths: February 14, 2011

As you probably saw yesterday, March’s First Friday Happy Hour will feature our first-ever First Friday Candidate Forum featuring all six of the top mayoral candidates: Carolyn Goodman, Chris Giunchigliani, Larry Brown, Victor Chaltiel, George Harris and Steve Ross. And as predicted, one of the candidates who was not invited to participate has his nose bent out of shape. Here’s his email, exactly as it was sent to me on Sunday.

as a registered candidate, i should have the opportunity to present my concepts to all forums.

a duke breuer

This is what we call a “teachable moment.” Mr. Breuer, first let me assure you that no one will take you seriously if you seriously don’t know how to use capital letters. Secondly, you have the right to free speech; however, you have no right to use MY soapbox to exercise your right. That concludes today’s lesson.

And speaking of First Friday, I also confirmed Saturday night that former Colorado Congressman and anti-ILLEGAL immigration champion Tom Tancredo will be joining us for April’s First Friday Happy Hour. That will be followed up by GOP presidential hopeful, Atlanta talk-show host and former Godfather’s Pizza executive Herman Cain in May. Gonna be a heckuva a First Friday spring this year!

As announced a week ago, the 2012 Conservative Leadership Conference (CLC) is scheduled for June 3-4. And we already have a tentative confirmation that Nevada Rep. Dean Heller, National Rifle Association (NRA) President-elect David Keene, American Conservative Union (ACU) Chairman Al Cardenas and Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) President Grover Norquist will be speakers. And that’s BEFORE we even send out our first official written invitation! Gonna be a great event.

It seems that no matter how many times I write that not all Ron Paul supporters are “Paultards” – only the unhinged ones, like the proverbial bad apples that spoil a barrel – the unhinged ones perpetuate the myth that I can’t stand Ron Paul and hate ALL of his supporters. Like this comment posted by “Julie” over the weekend:

“Chuck Muth is a snake in the grass ready to strike at any moment. He hates all Ron Paul supporters with a passion. The mere fact that we exist gives him reason to slander us. He will always be an enemy. Best to ignore this POS.”

Ah, how to win friends and influence people. Paultard poster child.

For the record for the umpteenth time, I’m a huge fan of Dr. Paul; have been since I first met him in Las Vegas in 1995 at an event at the Mirage. I share his libertarian-leaning philosophy and believe he’s been a tremendous and positive agent for change within the Republican Party. I hope he runs again for president in 2012 because he raises issues most other candidates fear to address. Someone please pass the word on to “Julie.”

I almost forgot: the ACU released its 2010 congressional ratings during CPAC last week. Nevada Republican Rep. Dean Heller scored a respectable 88, while Democrat Reps. Shelley Berkley and Dina Titus both put up goose eggs. Fortunately, Titus won’t be back for 2011. Can’t wait to see whether Heller or freshman Republican Rep. Joe Heck scores higher next year.

Lest we forget that not all teachers are un-thinking members of the educational Borg, the following email was sent this weekend to all Republican members of the state Senate and state Assembly by Gordon Clark on behalf of a group of teachers who “wish to show our support as union members to the fight you will be facing.” Here’s the text of the email:

“We at the CCEA Committee on Excellence in Teacher Working Conditions wish to encourage you as elected State Senators to stand firm in your support of Governor Sandoval’s commitment to no new taxes.

“As public educators and supporters of public education, we believe experience teaches us that the overwhelming waste and tradition of waste in the K-12 public education system in Nevada needs to be reformed immediately, and that the inefficiencies inherent in the system are so profound as to demand the consideration of a possible reduction in expenditures for public education in Nevada, not increases!

“Now is the time for you to stand in courage behind our Governor. Stand against the disconnect and nepotism of union leaders like Lynn Warne and Ruben Murillo. Stand for the children of Nevada. Stand for the right of a child in Nevada to have access to quality teachers, quality curriculum and quality academic training. Say NO to the tax-increasing waste that currently acts as a millstone around the necks of families in this state!”

The Left in Nevada is facing a growing, better organized, more effective, more active coalition on the Right than they’ve ever faced before. And Republicans who wish to avoid primaries in 2012 better sit up and take notice, as well. It’s not a matter of “if,” but which Republican(s) conservatives will target to make an example of next year when tea party intensity and activity possibly reach its peak.

Anjeanette Damon of the Sun tweets that freshman state Sen. Michael Roberson (R-Las Vegas) was grilling mining industry lobbyist Tim Crowley today, with Crowley ducking and weaving around questions about just how much the industry pays in net proceeds taxes. Go get ‘em, senator!

I’m not in favor of raising anybody’s taxes, but considering how strongly the mining industry has been trying to screw Nevada’s small business community with tax hikes over recent years, maybe it’s time to consider a revenue-neutral proposal that eliminates some of their deductions while simultaneously eliminating the Modified Business Tax.


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