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Mini-Muth’s Truths: August 5, 2010

Remember a year ago when Scotland released the Lockerbie bomber who took down Pan Am Flight 103, killing 270 people back in 1988? The reason given was that he supposedly only had three months to live. Well, as the Wall Street Journal notes this afternoon, twelve months later and this barbarian is still alive and kicking and living the sweet life in Tripoli, Libya. I’m surprised Obama hasn’t invited him to the White House for a beer summit yet.

Democrats certainly do have their priorities. As The Hill reported this morning, “Speaker Nancy Pelosi threw lawmakers’ summer plans into chaos Wednesday, announcing the House will interrupt its six-week recess and return to Washington next week to act on Medicaid and education funding for states.” Nothing like a bailout to bring the D’s back to DC.

Any bets on whether or not Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters “beat the rap”? My guess is that even if found guilty of each and every one of the ethics charges brought against them, unless they are also convicted in a court of law and sentenced to prison…their dumbass voters will re-elect them. And maybe even if they ARE sent to the pokey.

The post office announced on Thursday that it lost $3.5 billion in just the third quarter of this year alone. $3.5 BILLION! When will the idiots in Washington who run our government recognize that ever since Al Gore invented the Internet, we no longer need six-days-a-week mail service and a post office in every town….and that privatizing snail-mail delivery is an idea whose time has come?

The Associated Press reports that Google and Verizon “are close to finalizing a proposal for so-called ‘network neutrality’ rules, which would dictate how broadband providers treat Internet traffic flowing over their lines.” While “net neutrality” sounds innocent enough and sounds warm-and-fuzzy, what it really means is government regulation of the Internet. As Josh Silver put it today on the liberal Huffington Post, this marks “the end of the Internet as we know it.” Al Gore must be rolling over on his massage table.


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