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Mini-Muth’s Truths: August 12, 2010

“There will be a lame duck session of Congress even after voters have rendered their verdict on the work of the current incumbents in November,” writes John Fund in Political Diary today. “Majority Leader Harry Reid has announced the Senate will return on November 15, then take a Thanksgiving break, then come back for more business on November 29, with no specified target date for adjournment.”

Fund further notes that Senate tradition holds that any “lame duck session, if necessary, should be limited to must-pass legislation that extends current spending levels and tax policies, but doesn’t break new ground.”

But Harry Reid doesn’t give a damn about Senate tradition. He broke numerous Senate traditions to shove ObamaCare up our…er, down our throat, and he’ll do whatever he can to further the left’s agenda before losing his veto-proof majority, tradition be damned.

Which makes it all the more aggravating that Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, citing Senate tradition, has declared that he will not come to Nevada to campaign against Reid this election cycle.

Once again, Republicans play by Queen of Marquesberry rules while the D’s play by the Marquis de Sade’s rules. And Republicans wonder why they keep losing?

We all know that there are certain “dirty” words you can’t say on broadcast TV. When a show airs on broadcast TV, those words are bleeped out so as to not run afoul of the anti-foul-mouthed government censors. But now, if the Parents Television Council (PTC) gets its way, even bleeping out naughty word would be a no-no.

William Shatner, better known as Captain Jim Kirk of the USS Enterprise, is boldly going where no one has gone before with a new sitcom on CBS this fall titled “$#*! My Dad Says.” Yes, “$#*!” stands for a certain four-letter word that begins with “sh” and ends with “it.” But the word itself isn’t in the title. The “$#*!” characters are used to bleep out the offensive word from the title.

Nevertheless, the PTC has its tights in a twist and is calling for an advertising boycott of the program.

Which, of course, means the show will now get a heckuva a lot more viewers when it debuts than it would have otherwise. Sometimes these do-gooders just need to know when to shut the $#*! up.

And finally, CNS News reports that Rep. John Shadegg (R-Az.) “says all bills introduced in Congress should include a statement setting forth the specific constitutional authority under which a law is being enacted.” Shadegg’s Enumerated Powers Act would “force Congress to re-examine the role of the national government and curb its ever-expanding reach.” Amen.

Shadegg has introduced this bill every session of Congress since he was elected in 1994, but he’s retiring at the end of this year. I wonder who, if anyone, will take up this noble cause?


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