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Mini-Muth’s Truths: April 29, 2010

CNS News reports today that Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, the former governor of Arizona, told a Senate panel Wednesday that she knows the U.S.-Mexico border “as well as anyone,” and “I will tell you it is as secure now as it has ever been.”

In unrelated news, Nevada Sen. Harry Reid said this morning that he’s as popular as he’s ever been, while his son Rory said he’s as charismatic as he’s ever been. Meanwhile, Nevada state Treasurer Kate Marshall declared yesterday that she’s as competent as she’s ever been, while Rep. Dina Titus announced that she’s as moderate as she’s ever been.

Las Vegas Sun reporter David McGrath Schwartz notes this morning that the Nevada Republican Party recently filed an ethics complaint against Democrat Secretary of State Ross Miller and Democrat state Treasurer Kate Marshall for “listing their state office phone numbers on official election paperwork.” However, it turns out that Republican Gov. Jim Gibbons also pulled the same boner, so the Democrats are hollering “hypocrisy” because the Nevada GOP didn’t file a complaint against Gibbons, as well.

First, the Nevada GOP does need to acknowledge that Gibbons is as guilty as the Democrats or be rightfully criticized for being hypocrites; however, it’s not the Nevada GOP’s job to file ethics complaints against Nevada Republicans. That’s the job of Nevada’s Democrats. However, Nevada’s Democrats, according to the Sun story, have “no plans to file an ethics complaint against the governor.”

Why? Because Nevada Democrats are PRAYING that Nevada Republicans re-nominate Jim Gibbons as their gubernatorial candidate knowing that Gibbons is probably the ONLY Republican who their candidate, Rory Reid, has a prayer of defeating….so they’re not about to do anything that might help defeat Gibbons in the primary. Now THAT’S hypocrisy.

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Danny Tarkanian has a TV ad on the air attacking Harry Reid. Fellow GOP candidate Chad Christensen is running a radio ad attacking Harry Reid. And the Tea Party Express has a TV ad up attacking Harry Reid (on behalf of Sharron Angle).

The problem is none of them can get to Reid in November unless they first get past Sue Lowden in the June GOP primary….which, at this point, none appear even close to doing. According to the latest Mason-Dixon poll, Lowden leads Tarkanian by 18 points, Angle by 40 points (though she has closed to within 24 points according to a more recent Nevada News Bureau poll since getting the Tea Party Express endorsement), Christensen by 41 points and Chachas by 42 points.

So this is a classic example of putting the cart before the horse.

And finally, liberal blogger/columnist/activist Hugh Jackson is LIVID over Democrat TV commercials blasting GOP gubernatorial candidate Brian Sandoval for not signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge – or as Hugh puts it, “that asinine pledge not to raise taxes ever no matter what” – because it “promote(s) populist anti-tax zealotry.”

If such an unreconstituted, card-carrying, unapologetic lefty such as our friend Hugh Jackson is so opposed to signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, you KNOW signing it is the right thing for conservatives to do.


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