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Mini-Muth’s Truths: April 21, 2010

The Nevada News Bureau is reporting this morning the Independent American Party (IAP) candidate Tim Fasano has decided to appeal a district court decision allowing Tea Party of Nevada candidate Scott Ashjian to remain on the ballot even though he admits to having filed a false statement of candidacy in March. Hope it’s successful.

In reading the press release yesterday about how a fundraising event featuring former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush raised the campaign $100,000, it struck me that GOP gubernatorial candidate Brian Sandoval is the “establishment” candidate that Danny Tarkanian has desperately tried to paint Sue Lowden as being. I wonder when his opponents will start making that case….and when the tea partiers will start to take notice and rebel?

Jon Ralston, an apparent embed with the Lowden for Senate campaign, broke the news last night that conservative Sen. Jon Kyl will be in Nevada on May 8th to officially and formally endorse her.

Meanwhile, the Tea Party Express and Gun Owners of Nevada endorsed Sharron Angle last week.

But hey, don’t forget that Sarah Palin’s father endorsed Danny Tarkanian weeks ago….and we know how much that means. I also understand the uncle of the nephew of the brother of the niece of that naked guy in the barrel who shows up at all the tea party rallies in Las Vegas expects to endorse Tark later this week.

Meanwhile, proving once again that not only doesn’t Big Labor care about taxpayers, its members don’t even care about each other, RalstonFlash reported last night that the Las Vegas city employees union voted “not to give city of Las Vegas concessions,” meaning layoffs of some employees rather than slightly less pay for all employees are now all but inevitable. No honor among thieves.

And finally, “(Republican state senate candidate) Joe Hardy’s card is smaller than the normal business card,” reports the Desert Valley Times (Mesquite). “He says it represents what needs to be done with government – make it smaller.”

Really? Then why did Assemblyman Hardy vote for the Mother of All Tax Hikes in 2003, then the largest in state history? And why did he vote for what was, at the time, the third largest tax hike in state history a year ago – the $292 million room tax hike? And why did he chalk up one of the worst conservative scores in Citizen Outreach’s legislative ratings last year?

Because Joe Hardy is a big-government liberal Republican trying to pass himself off as an election-year conservative, that’s why.


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