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Mini-Muth’s Truths: April 15, 2010

• Republican U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle landed the Gun Owners of America (GOA) endorsement yesterday and the Tea Party Express endorsement today. Big mo’…or too little too late?

• Meanwhile, Jon Ralston is reporting today that Republican U.S. Senate candidate John Chachas only raised $110,000 this last quarter. That doesn’t show any kind of support for his candidacy, and his personal fortune can’t buy him electoral love. The New Yorker might want to consider just saving himself some time and money, fold up his campaign tent, and head back to the Big Apple now.

• Danny who?

• I can’t help but like Phoebe Sweet – or as I’ve referred to her affectionately in the past, Sweet Phoebe Purebread.

• Yes, the Nevada Democrat communications czarette is wrong on the issues most of the time and supports candidates who are closet socialists (I just put that in because it drives liberals nuts). But her stunt yesterday showing up at the HQ of Republican senatorial candidate Sue Lowden carrying a goat under her arm in an effort to draw attention to Lowden’s recent statement calling for patients to “barter” with their doctor was a thing of street-theater beauty.

• Juvenile, sure. But absolutely effective. And the Lowden campaign has only itself to blame for failing to immediately recognize, address and dispose of this matter quickly when it came up a few days ago – especially after it became the source of a joke in Jay Leno’s monologue Tuesday night.

• Now here’s what the Lowden campaign should do by the end of today.

• It ought to immediately draft a tongue-in-cheek fundraising email asking supporters to “send whatever you can to help us defeat Harry Reid – a goat, a chicken, a pig, fruits, vegetables or even a working toaster oven” instead of money. And then explain, in easily understandable LAYMAN’s terms (not Washington-speak BS), how by “barter” she meant “negotiate” for cash discounts – a widely-accepted and oft-exercised option for average folks without insurance or high deductibles (I know this from personal experience).

• A little self-deprecating humor right now would go a long way to diffusing this matter before it gets any bigger or out-of-control.

• In other news, the Las Vegas Sun reports: “The Democratic Governors Association is heavily funding a group attacking GOP gubernatorial front-runner Brian Sandoval – meddling in the opposition’s primary at an unprecedented level, Nevada political observers say.”

• Hey…politics ain’t beanbags, there’s no crying in baseball, and that’s why girls don’t play football.

• Government agents have lately been pushing a proposal to implement a new tax on the number of miles a person drives rather than the amount of gas they purchase since drivers are buying less gas these days thanks to government requirements forcing higher fuel efficiency. The tax-hikers say the government needs more revenue to build and repair roads.

• Meanwhile, Paul Enos, lobbyist for the Nevada trucking industry, recently declared, “Absolutely there will be a tax increase in the future.”

• Well, if Mr. Enos is going to concede the tax issue to the big-government crowd, then doesn’t it seem only fair that taxes should be jacked up on his industry’s smoke-belching big rigs which do the most damage to our roads and are the biggest vehicle polluters on the highway, rather than poor, environmentally-sensitive Prius drivers?

• And finally, it never ceases to amaze me at what some people will believe. For the record, the item in yesterday’s Mini-Muth’s Truths is which I lampooned Ty Cobb and Todd Taxpayer Bailey over Cobb’s recent sign-kicking incident was a JOKE. Bailey was nowhere near the scene of the crime and had nothing to do with it. I assumed using the word “Cobbachev” was an obvious tip-off. I assumed incorrectly.


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