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Mini-Muth’s Truths: April 14, 2010

CORRECTION ALERT: Due to old age and the onset of CRS (Can’t Remember, uh, Stuff), I inadvertently wrote in a press release yesterday that Joe Heck is running for Congress in Nevada’s First congressional district. He’s actually running in the Third congressional district. I regret the error….almost as much as I regret each passing birthday.

Anyway, I’m heading out this morning to meet with some rural county commissioners to discuss renaming a certain mountain peak in Nevada after Ronald Reagan this year. Keep your fingers crossed. And speaking of Reagan….

I think I may have gotten to the bottom of this Assemblyman Ty Cobb brouhaha over his destruction of a campaign sign belonging to Democrat Assemblywoman Sheila Leslie last Friday night.

Seems Cobb and his conservative primary opponent, Todd Taxpayer Bailey, were “goofing around” playing “Reagan” the way other kids play “doctor” at a busy intersection in Reno. And Bailey, standing in front of the Leslie street ad, in his best Ronald Reagan voice, boomed out, “Mr. Cobbachev, TEAR…DOWN…THIS…SIGN!”

So Ty did.

Meanwhile, I understand the anger among some Republicans concerning this new Democrat organization created by Democrat consultant Dan Hart whose sole purpose seems to be to drive a nail in the political coffin of GOP gubernatorial candidate Brian Sandoval with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of paid television commercials. However, it’s fair game. After all, politics ain’t beanbags.

Now, because Mr. Hart has worked for Democrat gubernatorial opponent Rory Reid in the past, the conspiracy theorists have worked themselves into a lather over the idea that Rory (or his dad) put Mr. Hart up to this.

Folks, Mr. Hart is a professional. He knows what he’s doing. And he’s a partisan Democrat. So it’s perfectly understandable that he could come up with the idea to do what he’s doing all on his own without any encouragement or coordination with the Reid Dynasty. All it takes is money – and Mr. Hart is surely well-connected to Democrat interests with money who would love to see the Republicans lose the Nevada governorship.

And you can bet that Mr. Hart is being rightly compensated for his efforts rather generously, so he really didn’t need to be talked into this by Rory or Harry. But even if he was….so what?

Sure, he’s using a made-up name for a temporary organization established solely for this election cycle, but he hasn’t tried to hide his identity or purpose. And as for the identities of those funding the operation, that information will be disclosed at the same time every Republican candidate discloses the identities of their donors. So big whoop.

The real issue here shouldn’t be over possible instigation or coordination with Rory Reid, but the fact that the first ad Mr. Hart is running this week is so factually incorrect. I mean, who does Dan Hart think he is…Danny Tarkanian?


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