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Mini-Muth’s Truths: April 12, 2010

• Strong leaders take strong positions on tough issues. So what’s that say about candidates for public office who try to duck the tough issues – such as whether or not it’s in Nevada’s best interest to replace Sen. John Ensign with someone who would be a lot more effective? Not exactly profiles in courage.

• Ah, the eternal question: Raise taxes or cut spending?

• Taxpayer-funded Prof. Stephen M. Miller, chairman of the Department of Economics, College of Business at taxpayer-funded UNLV and Taxpayer-funded Prof. Elliot Parker, chairman-elect of the Department of Economics, College of Business at taxpayer-funded UNR inked a joint op/ed published in Sunday’s Las Vegas Sun in which the pair call for higher Internet taxes, higher taxes on services – such as haircuts, dry cleaning and auto repairs – and a value-added (VAT) tax on businesses which would impose new taxes on rent, interest and profits.

• I have a better idea. Let’s cut the Departments of Economics, College of Business at taxpayer-funded UNLV and UNR.

• For such supposedly highly-educated individuals, apparently Professors Miller and Parker never learned the lesson about not biting the taxpayer hand that feeds them. As the Queen of Hearts would say, “Off with their heads!”

• The latest Mason-Dixon poll in the Nevada GOP primary for the U.S. Senate shows likely nominee Sue Lowden well ahead of Harry Reid in a one-on-one matchup. And Reid knows it. That’s why his campaign’s “Vaporizer” is already being aimed right at her heart. Get ready for the ugly.

• According to LVRJ reporter Laura Myers, Republican congressional candidate Joe Heck may be leading in the most recent poll in his race against Democrat incumbent Rep. Dina Titus, but he “has his weaknesses.”

• And what’s the one weakness Ms. Myers cited? Changing his mind and signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge promising the economically hard-strapped voters of Nevada’s 3rd congressional district that he won’t raise their taxes.

• Wow. If that’s the biggest “weakness” Dr. Heck has to worry about in this race, let’s just declare him the winner right now and save the time and expense of even holding the election.

• Also, the latest Mason-Dixon poll shows Brian Sandoval ahead of Gov. Jim Gibbons in Nevada’s gubernatorial primary 39 to 25 percent. Few believe the lead is really that big, and it’s likely to shrink even more once Gibbons turns on his bully pulpit toward Sandoval rather than Harry Reid and Catherine Cortez Masto.

• Then again, remember who is running Sandoval’s campaign: Mike Slanker and Pete Ernaut.

• Slanker has been referred to as the Darth Vader of negative political campaigning. And what Nevada Republican who was around a dozen years ago will ever forget what Ernaut did to Aaron Russo? Folks, the real fireworks in this race have yet to be lit.

• Meanwhile, Nevada Democrats are targeting the other Republican gubernatorial candidate, North Las Vegas Mayor Mike Montandon, with an FEC complaint alleging that a recent website attack on Democrat gubernatorial candidate Rory Reid is illegal….because it includes a picture of Rory standing with Rory’s dad.

• These kinds of stupid, ridiculous, absurd, asinine complaints – like the one I filed against Danny Tarkanian recently over the size of the letters in his television ad – are the result of over-regulating political speech and campaign finance in American campaigns. And for that, we have Arizona Sen. John McCain-Feingold to thank. Oh, how I hope J.D. Hayworth beats that guy like a drum in their GOP primary race in August.

• And finally, a quick check of upcoming events for Nathan “Li’l Nate’s” assembly campaign shows there will be a campaign walk at Starbucks in Centennial Hills on April 28th. How long does it take to do a walk around a coffee shop?

• Oh, and proving just how much he hearts Hispanics, Li’l Nate will be hosting a “Cinco De May Celebration & Campaign Rally” on May 5th. That would be Cinco de MayO for you real Latins….er, LatinOs.


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