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Memo to Assembly Republicans: No…New…Taxes

House Speaker John Boehner spoke Monday night to the Economic Club of New York in which he drew a line in the sand on tax hikes. As Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform explains, Boehner declared that there will be no more 1982 or 1990 “Andrews Air Force Base” or “Gang of Six” deals that raise taxes and promise spending restraint.

“Tax increases are off the table,” writes Norquist. “Boehner and 235 other members of the House of Representatives have signed the “Taxpayer Protection Pledge” – a written pledge to their voters that they will oppose and vote against any net tax hike. Forty-one Senators have signed the same pledge.

“The Washington spending establishment has been hoping that Boehner and the Republican House majority would weaken and fold before Obama’s threats to close down the government if he didn’t get his tax and spending increases. They did not win, and tonight was Boehner’s ‘Read My Lips’ speech . . . No tax increases, period.”

So Speaker Boehner has taken tax hikes off the table.

And 235 other Republicans in the House of Representatives have taken tax hikes off the table…including Rep. Joe Heck of Nevada.

And 41 Senate Republicans have taken tax hikes off the table…including Nevada SENATOR Dean Heller.

And Nevada Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval has taken tax hikes off the table.

And all ten Nevada Senate Republicans have taken tax hikes off the table.

And four of the twelve Assembly Republicans have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and have taken tax hikes off the table.

So what are the other dozen Assembly Republicans – Goicoechea, Stewart, Grady, Woodbury, Ellison, Kirner, Hansen, Hickey, Hammond, Sherwood, Hardy and Kite – waiting for, an engraved invitation?


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