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Meet the Stupidest Man in Nevada GOP Politics

(Chuck Muth) – OK, my post-election vacation is officially over.  So time to jump back in the saddle and start deconstructing the 2022 GOP debacle (with few exceptions).  Let’s start here…

Blogger Rob “Wheel Is Turning but Hamster’s Dead” Lauer continues to prove himself as the stupidest man in Nevada GOP politics…and that’s saying something!

Ask him what number to call for 9-1-1 and he has to look it up.

Ask him when the War of 1812 was and he’ll get it wrong.

Ask him what the capital of “Nevada” is and he’ll answer “N.”

This is a guy who couldn’t pour water out of a boot with instructions on the heel.

Anyway, in a post-election diatribe, this village idiot blamed Independent American Party (IAP) candidate Janine Hansen (typically misspelling her name “Jenine”) for Republican secretary of state candidate Jim Marchant’s loss, claiming “approximately 60% (of the IAP vote) would have gone to Jim.”

Yes, math is hard…especially when you’re a moron. So lemme help this humperdink out…

According to the Secretary of State’s website, Marchant lost by 23,102 votes (still unofficial until certified).  Janine got 17,472 votes.

Now, if you take 60% of those votes (10,483) and give them to Marchant, Marchant would have lost by 12,619 votes.

In fact, even if ALL 17,472 votes for Janine had gone to Marchant, Marchant STILL would have lost by 5,630 votes.

Marchant lost because he was a bad candidate who didn’t read the room and whose consultant/campaign manager ran a lousy campaign.  Period.

Now, if Lauer was smart (hold on while I finish up a belly laugh)

…he would have used at the treasurer’s race instead to make his third-party point.

In that one, the Republican candidate, Michele Fiore, lost by 17,192 while the IAP candidate pulled in 19,588 votes.  But even using Lauer’s 60% fuzzy math, Fiore would have gotten 11,753 votes from IAP voters…and still would have lost.

In either case, you can’t simply blame the IAP – or, for that matter, the Libertarian Party (LP) – for the GOP losses.  You can’t say if there was no IAP or LP candidate on the ballot that the Republican would have won.  Here’s why…

Take a look at the  GOP’s loss in the attorney general’s race.  No IAP or LP candidate on the ballot (LP candidate was disqualified).  HOWEVER

Over 33,000 voters voted for “None of the Above.”

Had there been no IAP or LP candidate in the secretary of state or treasurer race, those votes would not have necessarily gone to the Republican candidates.  A large number of them would have gone to “None of the Above.”

Rob Lauer is dumber than dandruff.  So is anyone who believes him.

Stay tuned.  More dumb to come.  I’m just gettin’ warmed up…


“This will not be popular but needs to be said. Republicans must take responsibility for their losses in Nevada. Those who won did so in spite of state and county (party) leadership not because of it!  Bad turnout due to the state party and county party focused on getting rid of Republicans they don’t like rather than bringing people together. An Epic Fail! We need new state and Clark County leaders.” – Travis Ebarb

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