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Meet One of the Most Embarrassing Democrats in the Nevada Legislature

(Chuck Muth) – Nevada Assemblywoman Cecelia Gonzalez (D-Clark) – a transplanted California “missionary” who falsely claims on her campaign website to be a “native Nevadan” – stumbled into reality yesterday.

She tweeted this response to a Channel 8 news story that “McDonald’s CEO admits prices have grown too high for some customers” …

“I just said that to myself today. I got two hashbrowns and an egg mcmuffin and it was almost $11.  Like, when did McDonald’s get so expensive? And for not so great food. I rarely eat there. Gross.”

Like, um, when Joe Biden got, like, elected.  Like, duh.

Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist Victor Joecks pointed out exactly that in a reply to Gonzo…

“Nevada Democrat Assemblywoman bemoans how high prices have gotten under @JoeBiden.”

Well, that got under the thin skin of the left-wing snowflake. She fired back at Joecks…

“If you’re going to quote me, don’t make assumptions or put words in my mouth. I said nothing of the sorts about the President. I was agreeing that McDonald prices are outrageous. Have a good night.”

Wow, like, talk about being in clinical denial.  What a ‘shroom.

Although, to be fair, we can’t lay all the blame on Biden for rising prices in the fast-food industry.

For years Democrats have been bleating for hikes in the minimum wage.  And when the cost of doing business goes up to pay for those wages, like, so does the cost of hashbrowns and egg mcmuffins.

I guess they didn’t teach her that while studying for her degree in “Multicultural Education” at UNLV.

Cecelia the Cipher is truly clueless.  She’s about as “woke” as they come and symptomatic of all that’s wrong with Democrat control of the Nevada Legislature.

On her website, she bemoans how her “biological father became incarcerated” when she was a toddler.

“Became incarcerated.”

Hmm, I wonder how that happened?  Maybe he, um, like, broke the law?

And if he “became incarcerated,” it’s a pretty sure bet that he, like, “became incarcerated” for something pretty serious.  I wonder what it was?

Anyway this terrible “injustice” likely explains why “Cecelia has been an active member of the Mass Liberation Project.”

And what is the Mass Liberation Project?  According to its website…

“Our north star is healthy, robust Black communities that are self-determined and self-governed. One of the first steps to get there is abolition of the criminal legal system.”

“Abolition of the criminal legal system.”

This woman and her dangerous, braindead ideology are why we have revolving doors on our jails and violent criminals continue to terrorize our homes, neighborhoods, and businesses even after cops bust them.

Catch and Release: It’s not just for illegal aliens anymore.

Unless we want this California transplant to “californicate” Nevada, she and her Democrat co-conspirators need to be ousted from their majority status in the Legislature.

Remember in November.


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