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Me and My Benz

The Assembly Ways & Means Committee, as Jonathan Humbert of Channel 8 News explains, is a “powerful group (of legislators which) controls spending and a large part of the tax revenue for Nevada.” Its chairman is Assemblyman Morse “Moose” Arberry.

And according to Humbert’s report yesterday, Arberry owes some $2,200 in back property taxes, along with “more than $496,000 in homeowner association dues, foreclosing homes, and sewer and trash liens.”

Now here’s the kicker, the Deadbeat Assemblyman defended himself on camera while “standing beside his Mercedes Benz sedan.” (Hat tip: Dullard Mush)

Yeah, a real champion of the poor, the down-trodden and the disadvantaged he is.

And you wonder why Nevada’s state government is broke?


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