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McGinness: Extend Tax Hikes I Voted Against

If you’ll recall, one of the reasons Nevada state Sen. Mike McGinness (R-Fallon) gave for his recent coup against now-former Senate Minority Leader Bill Raggio was Raggio’s un-Republican push in 2009 for tax hikes in the middle of The Great Recession. Which makes it rather curious that Sen. McGinness was quoted in the Nevada Appeal this weekend as saying…

“Some taxes scheduled to sunset may be extended, but we see them as temporary solutions until the economy comes back.”

The taxes scheduled to be sunsetted are the same taxes that Sen. McGinness voted against in 2009 and said Sen. Raggio shouldn’t have supported in the middle of The Great Recession. Sounds a bit hypocritical to me. Or maybe the recession is over and nobody told us?


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