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Master & (Steve) Commander

Tea party reject Steve “Master &” Commander has written an email dumping on conservative Republican state senate candidate Dr. Annette Teijeiro. “Personal experiences with Annette,” Commander writes, “as well as others I have talked with, point to issues that seriously question Annette’s overall ‘qualifications.’”

Hmm. Word on the street is that his “personal experiences” include the Teijeiro campaign telling Master & Commander that his non-existent strategic campaign genius wasn’t needed. So this really is just a big ol’ bowl of sour grapes.

One recipient of the email responded: “I am not sure what ‘personal experiences’ anyone may have had, or what ‘others say’…that sounds like a witch hunt to me, not to mention a lot of gossip.” Another added: “Pretty lame, making an assessment (about qualifications) like that and offering nothing in evidence.”

Yep, pretty lame indeed. But par for the course for Steve “Master &” Commander.


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