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Mark Sherwood: RINO in Training?

(Chuck Muth) – If Republicans are ever going to get out of the minority in the Nevada Legislature, it’s not enough to just elect more Republicans; they need to elect better ones.

Ones who know where to draw the line between standing on principle and selling out. Ones not afraid to take a firm stand. Ones not satisfied with being fed legislative table scraps. Ones who won’t crawl up in a corner and suck their thumbs if somebody in the media or “leadership” criticizes them. Ones who won’t roll over hoping the Democrats will rub their wittle tummies.

Ones who will rock the boat, not just go along to get along for the ride.

In other words – not Mark Sherwood.

Mark Sherwood is a GOP candidate in Assembly District 21 in Clark County who is trying to make up for the fact that he doesn’t have the backbone to take a firm position on taxes by changing his website this morning to read: “Mark Sherwood will NEVER support a state income tax.”

Wow. There’s a profile in courage for you….especially since a state income tax is already PROHIBITED by the Nevada Constitution. Mark sure is going out on a limb there, huh?

Of course, Nevada taxpayers and small businesses should read between the lines here. What Mark is actually saying is that other than a tax hike which is constitutionally prohibited, EVERY OTHER TAX HIKE is on the table if he gets elected….including the $800 million worth of tax hikes passed last year which are scheduled to “sunset” next year.

You can pretty much bet your bottom tax dollar that if Mark Sherwood gets elected, he’ll vote to extend or make permanent that $800 million worth of sales and business tax hikes.

On the other hand, his opponent in tomorrow’s GOP primary, Cherlyn Arrington, has signed her name in blood promising that she aint’ voting for higher taxes – no way, no how. Take it to the bank – the one which is liable to see its fees raised next year if her opponent is elected.

Mark Sherwood is just another wishy-washy convenient conservative – everything that’s been wrong with the GOP for the last several years. He’s Joe Hardy and Lynn Stewart 2.0. I wouldn’t call him a RINO yet…but he has all the classic makings of a classic Republican in Name Only.

As our friend and staunch conservative Assemblyman Ed Goedhart said last week, “We don’t need any more butt kissers in the assembly; we need more butt KICKERS.”

In other words, the last thing Republicans need in Carson City is Mark Sherwood. Choose wisely tomorrow, Republicans.


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