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Making it cheap & easy for tax-hikers to hike taxes?

On the matter of Nevada legislative Democrats voting to put a tax hike on the ballot in 2012, Republican state Sen. James Settelmeyer (R-Minden) is quoted in the LVRJ as saying, “If you want to take a tax package to the people and they want to vote on it, that is their decision.”

Except…there’s more to this issue. It’s not just about letting the people vote on a tax hike, but how such a tax hike gets on the ballot in the first place.

Conservative Republicans Jim Gibbons and Bob Beers spent hundreds of thousands of dollars gathering tens of thousands of signatures to qualify their respective tax and spending restraint initiatives for the ballot. Yet now Republicans are going to support letting the tax-eaters put a tax hike on the ballot without spending a dime or gathering a single signature? Say it ain’t so, Joe.


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