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Making Elections Squeaky Clean: Pigpen Project Rooting Out Bad Registrations

(Chuck Muth) – This morning, the Las Vegas Review-Journal published a serious editorial on problems with mail-in balloting that should be cause for pause.

A judge in Connecticut ordered a new mayoral election after the release of “surveillance footage showing (incumbent Mayor Joe) Ganim supporters appearing to put multiple absentee ballots into outdoor collection boxes.”

Ganim had “won” by just 251 votes out of over 8,000 cast in the September election.


“In Lawrence, Massachusetts, at least two voters tried to cast ballots on Election Day but were told they had already voted. They claim they didn’t. One man checked his home security cameras and saw a woman appearing to steal ballots from his mailbox.”

The editorial notes that such incidents “highlight the vulnerability of indiscriminate mail voting, especially in states such as Nevada that mail ballots to every registered voter.”

That’s not quite accurate.

In Nevada, ballots are only mailed to “active” registered voters.  Voters suspected of having moved and are no longer eligible to vote from their old address are changed to “inactive” status.

That means they can still vote, but they have to prove residency and eligibility before being given a ballot.

This is the essence of our Pigpen Project to clean up the voter rolls.

Using a sophisticated new software program, we’re able to identify suspicious registrations of people who appear to have moved out-of-state.  We then send “boots on the ground” to the residence for confirmation.

If the current resident or homeowner tells our volunteers that a suspicious voter no longer lives there, we obtain an official, signed “non-resident” report and submit it to the election department.

The election department then verifies our information in their records.  Once confirmed, the ineligible voter is moved from “active” to “inactive” status – meaning they won’t automatically receive a mail-in ballot next year.

To date, our small but growing band of volunteers have successfully moved hundreds of such voters – who were missed by the post office when registration verification cards were mailed out – to “inactive” status

And every ineligible voter the Pigpen Project is able to move to “inactive” status is one less ballot floating around that *could* be fraudulently cast.

Just last Saturday, five teams of volunteers canvassed for a little over two hours in Las Vegas and obtained 41 signed non-resident reports.

We know what to do and how to do it.  We’re simply following the process and procedures established by the Registrar of Voters – which, contrary to popular opinion, has been exceptionally professional and helpful.

Now we just need to scale up the operation and put more feet on the street.

A lot of people complain about “election fraud.” We’re actually doing something about it.

If you’re tired of spinning your wheels at political party meetings – where all they do is fight over rules and bylaws – and want to get in the game by volunteering for a project that is truly making a difference in securing our future elections…

Please join us in Las Vegas next Saturday, December 2nd, from 12:30-2:30 pm for a project training orientation to learn more.  Click here for details.

If you can’t volunteer, you can still help support this project by making a small contribution to pay for the software program, research, printing, pizza and donuts for volunteers, etc.

$10, $25, $50 or more would be extremely helpful in expanding the project by enlisting more volunteers.  Click here.

And lastly, if you know of someone who you believe has moved and should be taken off the “active” list, you can submit a request for investigation through the Pigpen Project by clicking here.

We now return you to your holiday shopping…


“The elections involved (in Connecticut and Massachusetts) were low-profile. Yet there’s strong evidence that someone involved cheated. That’s an obvious observation, not a conspiracy theory.

“It’s simply not possible to know how often this happens. People who commit election fraud felonies aren’t going to admit it afterward, like some sort of murder mystery dinner reveal.

“Security is especially important in low-turnout elections where a few dozen ballots can change the result. In Nevada, numerous elections for state and local offices have been within a few hundred votes. It’s vital to have a system that bad actors can’t exploit.”

– Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial, 11/25/23

Mr. Muth is president of Citizen Outreach, publisher of Nevada News & Views, and founder of  You can sign up for his conservative, Nevada-focused e-newsletter at  His views are his own.


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