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Lucy, You Got Some ‘Splainin’ to Do!

The UNLV College Republicans are slamming Nevada Assemblywoman Lucy Flores – a graduate of UNLV’s William S. Boyd School of Law – questioning her qualifications to hold office after it was revealed a week ago that she “may have violated campaign finance laws by not reporting the spending of” campaign funds (see above).

The Las Vegas Democrat said last week that it would have been easier to comply with disclosure requirements if she had “a staffer that the state paid for to record every single one of [her] receipts.” And yes, she was dead serious.

“If Assemblywoman Flores does not know how to keep track of her own expenses, what else does she not know,” asks Thomas McAllister, president of the UNLV College Republicans. “We deserve better than a representative that would rather charge Nevadans for a staffer, instead of managing her own financial affairs like the rest of us.”

The CRs further noted that Flores voted to extend more than $620 million worth of taxes and fees in the 2011 legislative session. “We need multi-taskers in Carson City, not multi-taxers,” concluded McAllister.


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