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Lowering Taxpayer Subsidies is NOT a Tax Hike

For the record, elementary and secondary education are mandatory. The government forces kids to go to school until they’re 16. It’s compulsory.

On the other hand, attending college, while a great idea for a lot of kids, is optional. You aren’t forced to go to college and you absolutely can make a living for yourself and your family in America without a college degree. Millions of us do it every day.

So if Gov. Sandoval reduces the taxpayer subsidies to local colleges and the colleges raise tuition or parking fees and the like, that would NOT be a violation of the governor’s promise not to raise taxes or fees because (a) they are true user fees; nobody is forced to pay to go to UNLV, UNR or any of the government community colleges, and (b) the decision to raise tuition or fees wouldn’t be made by the governor; it would be made by the university regents who have the option of cutting spending instead.

As they should.


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