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Low-Life Firefighter Union Boss

Last week, a private Medic West ambulance was rushing a patient to the hospital – with two North Las Vegas firefighters onboard – when a car struck the emergency vehicle at an intersection, toppling the ambulance on its side.

It was what is commonly referred to as an “accident.” Traffic accidents are unfortunate at best; tragic at worse. But they happen all the time. Every day, even. You could look it up.

Nevertheless, Jeff Hurley, president of the North Las Vegas Firefighters union – which hates the fact that private ambulances “compete” with their taxpayer-funded ambulances – unconscionably tried to use the accident to score a cheap political point; claiming the Medic West ambulances weren’t as good as the fire department’s ambulances…and actually blamed budget cuts for the injuries sustained in the accident!

“I have two firefighters in the back of a private ambulance who were injured because that ambulance was on its side,” Hurley declared to the media in a statement, as if fire department ambulances never end up on their side.

So how, pray tell, does Mr. Hurley explain this?

This incident, I’m told, wasn’t even an accident. The “better” and “safer” ambulance apparently just tipped over when the driver tried to turn too hard!

And in case our firefighter union boss missed this story, click here to see another of his “better” / “safer” fire department ambulances on its side after an accident at an intersection in Las Vegas just this past June.

The point is any emergency vehicle – public or private – can end up on its side in an accident, or even without even being in an accident.

Hurley’s asinine accusation is right out of former Obamatron Rahm Emanuel’s playbook: “You never want a serious crisis go to waste.” And as we’ve seen over and over and over again, low-life union bosses will say anything – absolutely anything – to get what they want; the truth be damned.

As the Las Vegas Review-Journal put it in an editorial today, “And firefighters don’t understand why they’re losing the public’s respect and admiration?”

It’s no mystery to me.


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