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Looking Out my Backdoor

In case you missed it – and you might have because the media doesn’t make anywhere near as big a deal out of thousands getting laid off in the private sector as it does if a dozen government workers get pink slips – Cisco, the world’s largest networking equipment maker, announced last week that it was laying off 6,000 employees.

And it might be Barack Obama’s fault!

Our friend Durk Pearson – an MIT graduate “with a triple major in physics, biology, and psychology” who “assisted with equipment design and experiments for NASA’s Space Shuttle” (source: Wikipedia) writes that “Cisco (internet routers and firewalls) has lost so much international business due to the disclosure that its products have National Security Agency backdoors.”

“Backdoors” are put into various hardware and software products to allow the NSA to spy on Americans.  The House passed an amendment back in June, 293-123, to stop funding to the NSA for the purpose of building “backdoors” into tech products.

Nevertheless, the world has spoken about Obama’s spy program…and 6,000 of Cisco’s workers are apparently paying the price.


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