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Listening to Mr. Ed

From a “Dear Colleague” letter by Assemblyman Ed Goedhart on February 8, 2009:

“Although I have no intention of voting for any tax increases of any kind, especially in a recession, I appreciate that a number of my colleagues feel differently. For those who believe higher taxes are the answer to our state’s current overspending problem, I would at least encourage you to include a sunset provision on any such proposals.”

From an email by Senate Minority Leader Bill Raggio to Assemblyman Goedhart the next day:

“I have some long term experience in this legislative process and I really don’t think I benefit from the ‘advice’ that you are offering.”

From Anjeanette Damon’s blog yesterday:

“As a result of the meeting, most of the business leaders agreed lawmakers could cut no more and that a tax increase is inevitable. But they disagreed over such things as whether the new taxes should sunset. Bill Raggio is insistent on that, Barbara Buckley not so much…”

Hmm, seems Sen. Raggio may have benefited from Assemblyman Goedhart’s very sound advice after all.


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