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Liberals love gun tragedy misery

The left is falling all over itself – including an anti-gun “vigil” being held in a church up the street from my house this afternoon – commemorating the Sandy Hook shootings a year ago that killed a number of innocent and unarmed kids and school personnel in what was supposed to be a gun-free zone.

Unfortunately, the school was free of all guns…except those of the crazed shooter who had no problem whatsoever ignoring the fact that he wasn’t supposed to bring any guns on school property. But that hasn’t stopped the left from using the tragedy to advance their gun-control efforts, including the push for background checks that would have done nothing to prevent Sandy Hook school shooting.

Or the one at Arapahoe.

Or the one in Sparks, Nevada last month.

“Today we honor & remember the students & teachers killed at Sandy Hook ES,” tweeted the leftists over at the (Lack of) Progress Now Nevada.

“Remembering those who tragically lost their lives at #SandyHook one year ago today,” tweeted Democrat Sen. Justin Jones, champion of the feel-good background check bill from last session. “Our thoughts are with their families.”

“Today as we remember Sandy Hook I hold my children tight,” tweeted Democrat congressional candidate Erin Bilbray-Kohn. “We have a responsibility to protect our most vulnerable.”

Sweet-sounding pabulum, nothing more.  The only way to protect our school kids from a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

Since more gun control laws, including background checks, won’t stop criminals and crazy people – who couldn’t care less about such laws – liberals have a responsibility to not just emote on anniversaries of gun violence tragedies, but accept reality and admit that there is evil in this world.

And when evil comes on campus armed with a gun, we better have responsible adults there prepared to fight fire with fire in defense of our “most vulnerable.”

High-minded talk and platitudes won’t stop a bullet.  It’s time to end gun-free zones on campus.  It’s time to end victim-disarmament.  It’s time to get real.


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