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Liberals and the Liberal Lies They Spread

In a recent Reno News & Review column, former left-wing state Sen. Sheila Leslie claimed that “since its passage Congress has voted 40 times to repeal it (ObamaCare), unsuccessfully.” And I’m sure you’ve heard that claim from all manner of other liberals; it’s in their official talking points memo.

Well, surprise! It ain’t true. Here are the facts to counter the lies, helpfully provided to us by John Kartch of Americans for Tax Reform:

The House has three times voted to repeal Obamacare in its entirety and 37 times has voted to strip out parts. Also, the non-partisan Congressional Research Service released a report that details 19 instances in which portions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)/Obamacare have been successfully changed, rescinded, repealed or delayed.

Specifically, the report found the President has signed 14 laws (several with multiple provisions) that each amend, rescind, or repeal part of ACA and the Obama administration has also delayed at least 5 significant provisions of the law administratively.

So here’s an inconvenient truth: Even President Obama and the Democrat-majority Senate have voted to gut ObamaCare in one way or another. And that truth is, indeed, stranger than Sheila Leslie’s fiction.


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