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Liberal Paper Embraces Vouchers?

The Las Vegas Sun’s liberal editorial page on Thursday endorsed a congressional proposal to give people “vouchers of up to $4,500 to replace” an old, out-dated product with one that gets better performance. The paper encourages Congress “to send a voucher bill to President Obama quickly.”

No, silly. They’re not talking about vouchers for parents to take their kids out of old, failing government-run public schools and send them to a modern privately-run alternatives where the kids would actually get a better education and grow up to be a more productive members of society.

No, instead the paper was endorsing a Democrat plan to redistribute tax dollars from some people to give other people $4,500 to replace their “gas-guzzling cars and trucks with models that get better mileage.”

“The program, of course, is more than an effort to appease the environmental lobby,” notes the conservative Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial page on the same day. “It’s also straight welfare for Detroit.” Or as Rep. Jeff Flake, R-Arizona, put it, “It’s defying the laws of economics and saying we can manufacture enough demand to keep the automobile industry afloat.”

What a pity Democrats don’t have as much concern for the education of our children as they do for the future of union autoworker jobs and hybrid cars.


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