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Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

I support Gov. Gibbons’ born-again reverence for the written promise he made to voters last year to “oppose and veto any and all efforts to increase taxes,” but I simply will not let the guy get away with lying about breaking that promise.

At a news conference yesterday, a reporter asked how the governor could say he does not favor new taxes when he included a $292 million room tax hike in his budget last January.

“That did not violate my promise,” the governor said.

Yes. It did.

The governor promised – IN WRITING – to “oppose” any and all efforts to increase taxes. Instead, Gibbons PROPOSED the tax hike in his budget. Proposin’ ain’t opposin’.

The governor also promised – IN WRITING – to “veto” any and all efforts to increase taxes. But after the Legislature passed the room tax hike, the governor allowed it to go into effect without vetoing the bill.

Not vetoing the bill is not vetoing the bill.

Yes. The governor violated the pledge he made to the citizens of Nevada who elected him not once, but twice on the same huge tax hike. Period.

Now, I’m willing to look forward and stand in support of the governor should he get back on the wagon and veto whatever additional tax hike legislators create in their chamber of horrors before closing out this session, but I can’t stand a liar – especially when it’s so blatant, clear and easily documented. Gibbons needs to admit that he broke his word, ask forgiveness, then go forth and sin no more. And a few Hail Mary’s probably wouldn’t hurt.

But as long as he continues to lie about what he did, I’ll continue to serve as your Truth Detector.


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