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Let Them Eat Mush!

The good news is the Assembly Republican Caucus finally put out a press release yesterday after a four week drought. The bad news is it was a lot of words which said…well, nothing. Here, take a read of these snippets from Republican Minority Leader Heidi Gansert’s release…

* “…state government needs to manage its budget difficulties in a prudent and accountable manner.” Duh.

* “…legislators must…exercise prudence as we move forward with the budget process.” Duh.

* “We need to continue to work to reform state government and best manage the taxpayers’ dollars.” Duh.

“The private sector is making responsible and cautious decisions,” Assemblyman Tom Grady is quoted as babbling.  “We in state government must be willing to show similar discipline, fiscal restraint, and adaptability.”

This is pure political pabulum. $100 to the first person who can find a firm position, a legislative agenda or even a core philosophical principle in these substance-free statements.

Also note that Gansert and Grady have both already voted with the Democrats this session for the third largest tax hike in the state’s history. Were they at least willing to say “No mas!” in their release. Nyet. They’re simply going to continue to be “prudent” and “accountable,” whatever the hell that means.



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