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Let Them Eat Cake, We’re Havin’ Wagyu Ribs!

From the Department of Too Much Information came a press release Monday night from Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval announcing a state dinner for senior government officials and high administration staffers. I get it: Unlike the Gov. Gibbons, Gov. Sandoval will much more “hands on” and play nicely in the sandbox with others in running the government. However….

It was not necessary to include in a NEWS release that those in attendance – while many of us commoners felt lucky to be chowing down on a McDouble from the $1 menu at Mickey D’s – feasted on “Dark Winter Greens tossed with Dried Cranberries, Candied Pecans and Pomegranate-Raspberry Vinaigrette, Boneless Wagyu Short Ribs Braised in Aromatics with a Sauce made from a Reduction of the Braising Liquid; (Vegetarian option also available), Cheddar Mashed Potatoes, Asparagus, and Crème Brule: Vanilla Bean Custard with Caramelized Sugar Crust.”

Some things are just better left unsaid.


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