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Let Summer Be Summer

While back in Baltimore last week surprising my mom on her 75th birthday, I heard a story on the radio about Maryland’s state Comptroller leading a petition drive urging the Maryland legislature to decree that each new school year could not begin until after Labor Day.

Comptroller Peter Franchot says his “Let Summer Be Summer” campaign “will bolster small businesses that rely on seasonal workers, increase wages for young people and provide families with another week of quality time together” with “no added pressure on teachers.”

Do you agree that the school year shouldn’t start until after Labor Day?  Cast your vote in my online poll by clicking here:

By the way, if I was in the private sector and wanted to launch an online petition drive for a “Let Summer Be Summer” campaign, one of the FIRST things I would do is buy

Alas, that’s not what Maryland’s state Comptroller thought about first. Or apparently second.  Or even third.

Guess who owns that domain name – you know, just in case there’s support for a national Let Summer Be Summer grassroots effort?


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