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Legislature Fiddles While Nevada Burns

We’re now halfway through this legislative session and bills which do not receive a committee hearing by this Friday will die. So let’s recap some of the important, critical, crucial, essential and important matters which have thus far received consideration by our esteemed elected officials in the Nevada Legislature.

AR5: Added William D. Swackhamer to the Assembly Wall of Distinction.

ACR3: Designated February 11, 2009, as Tissue and Organ Donor Day in Nevada.

ACR4: Commemorated the 100th anniversary of the organization of the Daughters of the American Revolution in Nevada.

ACR7: Designated the month of September 2009 as National Indoor Toxic Mold Awareness Month.

ACR8: Designated February 19, 2009, as E Clampus Vitus Day at the Nevada Legislature.

ACR11: Recognized March 2, 2009, as “Read Across America” Day in Nevada in commemoration of Dr. Seuss’s birthday.

ACR14: Commended the Nevada Women’s Lobby on their 20th anniversary.

ACR15: Proclaimed March 2009 as Women’s History Month.

SCR7: Urged public schools to develop and implement programs for improving academic performance and maximizing learning opportunities of pupils. (Wow, we really needed a resolution for this?)

SCR9: Commemorated the 25th anniversary of the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko.

SCR12: Urged the promotion of physical fitness in the schools.

SCR13: Urged colleges and universities in this State to establish campus safety programs.

SCR15: Recognized World Kidney Day on March 12, 2009.

SCR18: Commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Nevada Desert Research Institute.

SCR21: Promoted awareness of building, fire and life safety standards for certain facilities that board animals.

SJR5: Urged the President and Congress to continue to support the participation of the Republic of China on Taiwan in the World Health Organization.
Oh, and they’ve passed a bill designating an official state bug!

So as you can see, the Legislature has had PLENTY of time to address the trivial – as well as pass the third largest tax hike in Nevada’s history (IP-1). But apparently it doesn’t have the time to address the substantive – at least substantive measures proposed by conservatives.

On Thursday Republican Assemblyman Ed Goedhart was informed by Democrat Committee Chairman Harry Mortensen that two of his bills – one to provide education tax rebates to parents which will allow them to send their kids to private schools which don’t hire perverts (see “Public School Pervert” item below) and another one to require a 2/3 majority vote to pass future tax hike ballot initiatives – won’t receive so much as a hearing by this Friday’s deadline under orders by Democrat legislative leaders.

In addition, Mortensen told Goedhart that committee chairmen were also instructed not hold hearings on GOP bills to (a) cap future spending increases at the combined rate of inflation plus population growth, (b) urge Nevada’s congressional delegation to oppose federal legislation which would eliminate the use of secret ballots in union organizing elections, and (c) join dozens of other states in affirming Nevada’s sovereignty and 10th Amendment rights under the Constitution.

Now, I recognize that those measures pale in importance by comparison to commemorating Dr. Seuss’s birthday, but come on.

Democrat-led legislative committees have conducted hearings on some of the most ridiculous and inconsequential bills known to man. And yet Assembly Speaker Barbara Buckley won’t even allow HEARINGS on these truly substantive bills?  I mean, we’re not even talking about getting a vote on them. Just hearings where concerned Nevada citizens can speak to their elected representatives on these important issues.

This is what “bi-partisanship” looks like?  This is what “a seat at the table” gets Minority Leader Gansert?  This is why seven Republicans in the Assembly voted for that room tax hike?

As I predicted months ago, Republican leaders are once again getting rolled by the Democrat majority. And once again, the GOP’s leadership is taking it lying down, without a whimper of protest. Not even a press statement. Pee-Wee Herman would be a more effective opposition leader. Pathetic.


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