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Lauer’s attorney delivers explosive counter-punch in Wiregate probe

The attorney for Robb Lauer – the GOP activist who had a search warrant for his home delivered by a fully-armed SWAT unit a couple weeks ago over Assemblyman Chris “Let’s Make a Deal” Edwards “extortion” accusation, fired back with an absolutely jaw-dropping motion today demanding that the investigation of his client be quashed and that confiscated property, including Lauer’s laptop and cell phone, be immediately returned.

David J. Otto’s motion is truly explosive.  You can read the full document by clicking here

There are, indeed, some truly wild suppositions and allegations in the motion.  However, there are also legitimate points raised about the veracity of Edwards’ claims, as well as questions raised as to why the search warrant affidavits have been sealed and why SWAT was used to execute a warrant in a simple political corruption case.

The militarization of local law enforcement continues to be a growing issue.  But I digress.

For those who don’t want to pore through the full 29-page legal motion, here some of the tweets I posted while reading it this morning…

Motion to quash Chris Edwards’ Wiregate probe calls Edwards a liar over & over & over & over & over & over again…

“On January 31, 2015 Robert Lauer’s home was searched by Metro using a heavily armed SWAT Team in order to put fear into Mr. Lauer.”

“Such use of a SWAT Team is extremely dangerous and reckless. It is an excellent tactic to scare the innocent.”

Sealed Lauer warrant “serves only the purposes of ‘secret government’ and ‘secret police’. It is truly Un-American and truly disgusting.”

Lauer motion: “Should Secret Police be able to seal a warrant affidavit only to protect a lying politician and his mentor the Guv of NV?”

Warrant “sought for no other reason than to silence and intimidate the political opponents of Asm. Chris Edwards and Gov. Brian Sandoval.”

“All of Chris Edwards’ statements were self-serving & part of a broader plan to silence his critics & to seek to end any recall efforts.”

“It was well known among his Colleagues that Chris Edwards was aggressively ‘hawking’ his vote in exchange 4 money.”

“The Governor gave $5,000.00 to Assemblyman Chris Edwards and to Assemblyman Derek Armstrong who heads the Assembly’s Tax Committee.”

“This is not about extortion, it’s about political power and the silencing of political opponents.”

Metro “relied on lies of Edwards to fabricate a story for the sole purpose of harassing & stopping political activities of Lauer & others.”

“Assemblyman Chris Edwards who has every motive to lie in that he is scrambling for his political survival.”

“The affidavit in support of this warrant must be unsealed in order for there to be a robust questioning of the statements and motives…”

“(A)ffidavits based on self-serving lies of a ‘stricken’ politician strikes a death blow @ the protections against unreasonable searches.”

“the only allegations of wrongdoing against Mr. Lauer come from Chris Edwards a politician in trouble who has every motive to lie.”

Metro “conducted no investigation other than swallowing the lies of Edwards who is covering his own criminal acts of soliciting bribes.”

“Unsealing warrant affidavit will show just what was stated in it. There was never any legitimate reason to seal affidavit in first place.”

To be clear, we honestly don’t know what Metro has in this investigation.

But many of us, from Day One, suspected that Edwards filed his accusation to preemptively protect himself against the threatened ethics complaint Lauer was considering over his conversation with Edwards where Edwards’ allegedly offered to sell his vote for money.

Most people only know the clean-cut Navy boy Edwards portrays himself as in public.  But those of us who know him better in the world of politics know he’s a scheming, backstabbing, lying sh**weasel – but I mean that in a good, Christian way.

And that fact won’t change no matter how the Metro investigation turns out.


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