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Lauer Hour: The Stuck on Stupid Olympian Extraordinaire

(Chuck Muth) – Booger-blogger Rob Lauer got into the “I Hate Amy” action yesterday, commenting…

“Amy Tarkanian, wife of Douglas County Commissioner Danny Tark, announced to the world on March 10, 2023, that she is Bi-Sexual. We all knew who had the balls in that marriage. … I’m just curious how a woman who’s been married for 20 years figures out she likes having sex with other women while still remaining faithful to her husband?”

Little Rob apparently flunked Birds & Bees 101.  Married couples can declare they’ve enjoyed having carnal knowledge with the opposite sex in the past while still remaining faithful to their wedding vows.

Why is that different if you’re bisexual?

Robby then went on with this grammar- and spelling-tortured observation…

“The NVGOP held its’ state party central committee meeting in Carson City this weekend. Chairman Mike McDonald chimed in, calling Amy and Danny Tark ‘traders,’ and for good measure Mike added Chuck Muth to the list of traders to the Republican Party.”

Whew!  I was worried that maybe I’d been called a “traitor.”  Glad Rob cleared that up.

Oh, and while some of you might be surprised by this, Chairman McDonald called me this morning and we chatted amicably about what Lauer burped up.  And the Chairman assured me that he said no such thing.

Lauer lied…as usual.

Folks who have been involved in politics for a long time – like me and Chairman McDonald – can often disagree vehemently about policies and issues without getting into a personal blood feud.  As it should be.

Then you have mental midgets like Rob Lauer.

OK, students, time for a pop quiz…

Question #1: What is Rob Lauer’s lifetime dream?

Answer: To be like Vanna White and actually learn the alphabet.

Question #2. Why does Rob Lauer stare at orange juice cartons for hours on end?

Answer. Because the label says “concentrate.”

Question #3: Why did Rob Lauer put lipstick on his forehead?

Answer: He was desperately trying to make up his mind.

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